Friday, November 2, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch & Halloween

I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween & if you have little ones I hope you had a fun night of trick-or-treating!! I know it has been a while since my last post--did you miss me? *wink* I sure have missed all of you and I need to get busy and catch up on all of the latest blogging news!! This past week we have had something going on everyday & time seems to have just gotten away from me!

Last Saturday we went to Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch. The kids had a great time & the field was still full with a ton of pumpkins to choose from. It took Evan the longest to pick out his pumpkin. I think he was really & truly trying to find the "perfect pumpkin", he looked and looked--lol! By the time we were done we had a wagon full of pumpkins! After we left the pumpkin patch everyone was getting hungry so we stopped at KFC/Long John Silvers. By the time we came home it was getting kind of late so we decided to wait with carving the pumpkins until Sunday. Here are a few pictures from the Pumpkin Patch, our pumpkins & Halloween.

Dusty & Evan at Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch
Eric & Evan with a wagon full of pumpkins.
Dusty & Eric carving their pumpkins.
Evan & Daddy carving a pumpkin together.
Evan sitting on our back steps with all the pumpkins. He was Jack Sparrow(Pirates of the Caribbean) for Halloween.Dusty & Evan on Halloween.I'm a room parent for Evan's class so I was busy this past week getting things ready for the class Halloween party. All I can say is WOW!! Nineteen 5 year olds sure will keep you running!!! They have soooo much energy!! But it was a lot of fun & the kids had a blast!!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC HALLOWEEN!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Check back-I will be posting some new designs very soon!


  1. OMGosh, Evan is too cute! Love the jack-0-lanterns too!

  2. what great pics H, evan looked great! and love your carved pumpkins


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