Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

I have been having soooo much fun making these!! SCS has a wonderful tutorial by Vickie Maduzia click HERE to check it out! Thank you Vickie!!

Stamp~PSX (K-2754)

Stamp~Northwoods Rubber Stamps

Stamps~PSX (K-1884)

These Christmas ornaments are very easy & fast to make. They also make wonderful Christmas presents. Only a few supplies are needed to made these. The main things are transparencies, clear ornaments & sharpie markers but for all of the details don't forget to check out the tutorial on SCS. These can be done simple or as fancy as you would like. Be creative!

Here's a tip for you~If you would like to try shading when you are coloring in the image first go over the area with the lightest color. Come back in with the darker color going along the edges or where ever you would like the colors to be darker. Then come back in again with the lighter color and blend. When you do this you have to do a little and then scribble your marker on a piece of scratch paper to clean the tip and then go back and blend some more. HTH!

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  1. Love these ornaments! I have my ornaments to try this, but so far they are still sitting here. Thanks for the inspiration and the wonderful examples.


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