Friday, April 26, 2013

Chartreuse & Aqua Fleur de Lis Necklace with Media Mixáge™ and ICE Resin®

Hello blogging friends!  Before I get started with my project for today I want to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has visited my blog to entered for the Giveaways!!!  Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog, following me on Pinterest and Facebook!!  I have been reading all of your comment about your favorite go-to product and it sounds like we have a LOT of die cutters out there!! ;-)  Also thank you for all of your wonderful comments about my design work.  I love what I do and I love sharing it--so I hope I can continue to inspire you!! 

If you are looking for the Giveaway post you can click HERE to find out all of the details.

One other thing that I want to address--I have received a few emails from some of my international reader about the giveaway only being open to the US.  Most of you have been very understanding but I have received some emails that have been kind of nasty and people unsubscribing so I thought I should address this.  First of all I am really sorry.  I understand your disappointment and I wish I could open the giveaway to everyone.  The only reason I didn't open the giveaway to everyone is due to the increased cost of shipping.  The two stamps sets were donated but everything else included in the giveaway is something that I am doing on my own, at my own expense and it is not affiliated with the companies I design/work for.  I have already invested a good amount of money in being able to do this giveaway and if I had to ship the prizes to other countries it would end up costing me almost as much as I have already spent to do the giveaway.  
I hope you can understand. ♥  For those of you who do understand and have been so supportive--thank you--I truly appreciate it!! 

Ok, now that all the business stuff is out of the way would you like to see some artwork? ;-)

You can click on all of the photos to enlarge them. 

Here is a necklace I designed using one of the MB2-007 Susan Lenart Kazmer for Spellbinders™ Media Mixáge™ Fleur de Lis Bezel - Bronze from Spellbinders Creative Arts™.  This Chartreuse & Aqua Fleur de Lis necklace is perfect for Spring.  Love these two colors together!

Here is a close up of the bezel.  To started I added ICED Enamels® Medium in to the base of my bezel.  Then I sprinkled in some of the ICED Enamels® Chartreuse Relique and made sure to cover the entire surface.  Then I removed the excess and put it back in the container.  Next, I sprinkled in some of the ICED Enamels® Relique Glitz Powder Gold.  Love all of the sparkle in gold!  I used my heat tool to melt the ICED Enamels and the Glitz Powder.  For myself I have found that if I use a craft tweezers to hold the bezel then I can start to heat set from the bottom of the bezel.  Doing this allows the powders to melt and not blow out of the bezel.  Once the powders start to melt then I used the heat tool on the top of the bezel.  ***Please be very careful when doing this--the bezel will get really hot!  I also use a craft mat to set the bezel on while I am heating the powders.  When you are done with the heat tool set the bezel aside to cool off.

The next step is adding the ICE Resin®.  I cut a piece of a white garbage bag and place on an old plate.  Then I put the bezel on the plate.  I used the 1 oz. Syringe Singles, mix it according to the instructions and then pour in to the bezel.  I also placed a few rhinestones in the bezel. Set aside to dry for 6-8 hrs. (That's the hard part--waiting--LOL!) The reason for using the white garbage bag is so if you have any of the resin over flow from the bezel or spill it won't hurt anything and you will be able to easily remove the bezel.

Once the bezel was done then I added it to a chain to make a necklace.  I used Jump Rings, Head Pins, Gem Drops, Bead Spacers, Beads and a Clasp to finish off the necklace.

I hope my necklace inspires you to give the new Media Mixáge™ Collection and ICE Resin® a try.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Don't forget to signed up for the Heidi Blankenship Embellished-Dreams Designs Mixed Media Giveaway.  Click HERE for all of the details! 

Happy Friday & I hope you have a Fantastic weekend!

Hugs & Smiles,

Spellbinders Creative Arts™:  MB2-007 Susan Lenart Kazmer for Spellbinders™ Media Mixáge™ Fleur de Lis Bezel - Bronze
ICE Resin®:  1 oz. Syringe Singles, ICED Enamels® Medium, ICED Enamels® Chartreuse Relique, ICED Enamels® Relique Glitz Powder Gold
Accessories:  Rhinestones, Chain, Jump Rings, Head Pins, Gem Drops, Bead Spacers, Beads, Clasp, Heat Tool


  1. Fabulous Necklace, Heidi :) Have a great weekend xo

  2. Awesome necklace Heidi. This would be a really fun project for the ladies at my Mother-in-Law's retirement home to make. They would all love it.

  3. Very beautiful. I need to run out and buy some more bezels and dies. Thanks for the inspiration...

  4. Very pretty--love the colors.

  5. Love this necklace! I make jewelry too - thanks for the inspiration..

  6. Girl I love getting the emails of ur new postings yippy. Any hoot that if just awful about the msgs you got I am shirt to hear that the girls should know how expensive it is to send things internationally it us even pretty costly just to do it is the us. Ok now let's get to that amazing necklace you made girl you rock that machine I love every jewelry piece you make just amazing. Quick question, were do u buy all ur chain I have been searching high and low to buy it in bulk instead if a little at a time. You stay awesome and have a fabby day. Mucho hugs, Anna

  7. Hi there. I guess there are so many items in my studio that I really have a hard time choosing the first "go to" item. Paper, all kinds with pretty designs and colors. I'm always looking for vintage style papers.
    After all what is paper crafting without paper.
    My email
    I do not have an active bog at this time.

  8. Oh my goodnes .. I love this (Fleur de lis are very popular here in Southern Louisiana) thank you for sharing .. it is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Loving this! I started getting into the fluer de lis over the last couple of months and am going to try this! TFS!

  10. kimothy2002@msn.comApril 29, 2013 at 2:13 PM

    I love inspiration for my crafting and one of my go-to is Spellbinders dies but I also LOVE STAMPS!!Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  11. This is completely gorgeous Heidi! It's too bad that while you try to do something so kind and generous that others will make rude comments and actually badger you.

    A giveaway or contest is just that. There are rules and for good reasons. Pretty simple really.

    You are so talented, it's always a treat to see what you've been creating!


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