Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Hummingbird Rescue - Sweet Video ♥

I found this video on Facebook yesterday and just had to share. 

This a a little baby hummingbird that was rescued after it had been attacked.  Such a sweet video. ♥

I will be back later today with another project to share.

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Have a Beautiful Sunday!

Hugs & Smiles,


  1. Thank you for sharing the video of the humming bird I also would like to share it could you tell us how

  2. Here is the link to the video on FB. Under the video box on the right side you will see where it says embed video, click on that and it will give you and HTML code that you can use to embed the video into a blog post or on FB. I tried to post the HTML code here in the comments but I kept getting an error code. If you aren't on FB and you would like the code you can email me @ floralfantasy@charterdotnet (put a . in place of dot) HTH!

  3. What a sweet video!!!! Brought a smile to my face. I thing that young man has a friend for life. We have several hummingbirds and they really a fascinating to watch. We also have two cats, and those little hummingbirds get right in their faces and give them a what for. It is hilarious!!!

  4. What an incredible young man!Restores your faith in the younger generation to see this!

  5. I think the most wondrous aspect of that whole video is that it's a teenage gosh where is he and does he want to date my daughter????? What sensitivity, what He's definitely marriage material!



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