Thursday, February 23, 2012

Butterfly Necklace with Spellbinders, Shimmer Sheetz & Artistic Wire

Hello blogging friends! Today, I have a fun necklace to share with you that will be perfect for Spring. We have had a very mild winter here in MN which I am thankful for but I am ready for Spring. I can't wait to see the sunshine, green grass and blooming flowers!

Here is the necklace that I designed. I used LF-006 Wonderful Wings die template from Spellbinders, Blue Iris Shimmer Sheetz from Elizabeth Craft Designs, Rose & Amethyst wire from Artistic Wire and Glitter & Rhinestones from The Rubber Cafe.

I am SO excited to share this with you because while I was at CHA and demoing in the Spellbinders booth I figured out how to be able to cut the Shimmer Sheetz using the Grand Calibur and Spellbinders die templates. The Shimmer Sheetz are an iridescent and metallic Mylar sheet.

To start I tape the die template down really good. I wouldn't normally add this much tape if I was die cutting paper but the Shimmer Sheetz can kind of curl up a little bit from the die cutting and the pressure of the machine so I have found that adding several pieces of tape to hold the die template in place will keep this from happening.

Next place the die template with the Shimmer Sheetz along the edge of the Base Plate (on the side). You will want to turn the die template over so the cut side is facing up--I am just showing it the opposite way for the picture so you can see where it would be placed.

Then shim with one to two pieces of cardstock. The butterfly die template that I used is very detailed and has a lot of drop out pieces so I used two pieces of cardstock.

Look at the beautiful results!! **For the necklace I used 2 shimmer sheet die cuts and 2 cardstock die cuts of the butterfly and layered them with a Shimmer Sheetz on top, then 2 pieces of cardstock and another Shimmer Sheetz on the bottom and I used Glossy Accents from Ranger to adhere and layer all of the pieces.

After I had all of the layers together then I edged the butterfly with Scrap Happy Sheer Glue and Terrifically Teal Glitter from The Rubber Cafe. Then I added Clear Rhinestones (coming soon!) to the body of the butterfly and then I applied a two layers of Glossy accents to the front and one to the back of the butterfly.

Once the butterfly piece was dry (I let it sit for 24 hours) then I added a silver chain and I used 22 Ga. Silver Plated Rose & Amethyst Wire from Artistic Wire and tools (listed below) from Beadalon to create these fun swirls. I added Clear Rhinestones (coming soon!) and colored then with B06 Peacock Blue Copic marker.

One more thing to share...

On a more personal note--while I was at CHA I was able to get my copy of the New Artistic Wire Wireded Cards & Embellishments and my Friendships Bloom card (the rose card) is on the Front Cover!! So honored and so excited to see my card on the cover!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful and creative day!!

Hugs & Smiles,

Spellbinders: Grand Calibur, LF-006 Wonderful Wings
Elizabeth Craft Designs: Blue Iris Shimmer Sheetz
Artistic Wire: 22 Ga. Silver Plated Rose & Amethyst Wire
Beadalon: Semi-Flush Cutter, Round Nose Pliers, Flat Nylon Jaw Pliers
The Rubber Cafe: Scrap Happy Sheer Glue, Stick "EM" Up, Terrifically Teal Glitter, Clear Rhinestones (coming soon!)
Coipc: B06 Peacock Blue
Glossy Accents
Silver Chain & Clasp
White Cardstock


  1. Congrats on your card on the cover-so beautiful!
    I Love ,love your necklace -so creative sweetie

  2. Wow! I love that necklace!! The card on the front cover is fabulous! Congrats!!

  3. Love the necklace. And congrats on the pub. Were there any scrapbook pages in there? I had submitted a layout, but was not sure which mag they were using it for.

  4. That Necklace is beyond gorgeous. Congrats on the cover too - soooo well deserved!

  5. The necklace is absolutely stunning Heidi, and I sooooooo love it.I love butterflies and I love blue, so this couldn´t be more perfect for my taste, but just the idea itself is simply awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the idea here with all of us, I´m definitely going to try this, if I can find these sheets here anywhere, that´s for sure.

  6. Look at you girl!! On the cover and you come up with something this amazing. Oh my friend you are so very talented. MUCH DESERVED KUDOS!!!

  7. Beautiful Necklace!

  8. THAT necklace is BEEEEEE-U-TEE-FULL
    Thank you sooo much for sharing the recipe. OOO I hope, I hope that someday I can/will try this.
    AND then to be on the cover WOW!!! Were you able to control yourself??
    You are one talented lady.
    Jean McGee

  9. congrats on the cover heidi. and the necklace is ANOTHER beautiful creative project.


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