Monday, May 4, 2015

UPDATE --- Online Haul - Disappointed - Frustrated!!!

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delay in this post--life happens and other things came up but I am here today to give you an update on my haul.  If you missed the original post yo can click HERE to check out the pictures and details of this lovely mess. 

This is what the box looked like when I opened it.  Almost all of the beads were glass or porcelain and there was not one little piece of packaging material or bubble wrap.

This is just part of the tangled mess.

So, I called a couple of different numbers for the corporate office but they would NOT put me through to anyone in management--even though I asked 3 or 4 times to speak to someone else.  After explaining to the lady what had happened--the tangled mess and scratched, chipped and broken beads--she just said she was sorry for the inconvenience and they would refund me for the beads that were damaged.  I explained to her that the beads were on sale at the time of purchase and I thought they should either replace the beads or refund me the replacement price since I could no longer purchase the beads on sale.  She said they could replace the beads BUT first they would have to do a refund and once I received the refund then I would have to call back and reorder them.  Seriously?  

I said can't you just send me a replacement instead of the refund?  Nope--they have to do the refund first.  But here's the thing I had paid for the order using a gift card and PayPal.  So part of the refund is going to Pay Pal and the other part has to go on a gift card.  Then she says it will take 2-3 weeks to get the gift card!!!  Mind you during this time I asked again to speak to a manager and she wouldn't transfer me to one.  AND on top of waiting 2-3 weeks to get a gift card once I receive the gift card then I will have to call back and go through everything again to get a replacement on the beads!!  I had to read off all of the product item numbers and description to her the first time around because the papers with product numbers from their shipping center don't match the actual item numbers---SO I would have to go over ALL of this AGAIN when I call back because I was told there wasn't enough room in the NOTES section on the computer for her ( employee) to add all of the information.  

I told her NO THANKS!!!  I WILL NOT order from again!!!  I would just take the refund and buy beads somewhere else.  Oh and I forgot to mention she said I could keep the damaged beads and didn't have to send them back--like she was doing me a big favor.  She was so chipper and happy about it like it was a gift or something.  I told her there was no way I was making a trip to the PO anyways.  The beads were going in the trash because I couldn't use them.  It was like she TOTALLY didn't get the fact that the beads were scratch, chipped and broken and I can't use them.  

She said that if I changed my mind at anytime and wanted to place an order I could call them as soon as my order was placed and they would flag the order to make sure that it received special attention and packaging!?!?!?  
I replied by saying--
Why should one person's order be special?  
Shouldn't each order get the same attention to detail and be packaged properly?  
Shouldn't that just be part of the job description???  
 SERIOUSLY WTH???  (didn't say this part BUT I sure was thinking it!!!)

She didn't answer any questions--she just replied by saying again I am sorry about your order and I hope you are happy with how I have helped you today.  
Then I did say SORRY BUT NO I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!!

I also told her that I was a professional blogger and a freelance designer in the craft industry and in a little over 8 yrs of blogging I have never posted anything negative about a company on my blog--but this was too much NOT to post it!!  And that I posted it on FB!!  I asked her if she wanted my blog information so someone higher up could maybe see the pictures and the package I received.  She said oh no that's ok I believe you.  I said to me it's not a matter of if you believe me or not I know I am telling you the truth and what I received in the mail--it is there--the pictures are the proof and someone should see how the packaging is being done.  Don't you think someone might WANT to see this and make some changes!?!?  Then she went on to say she didn't have room for my blog link in her notes!!  WOW!!!

I don't even know what to think or say other than I WISH someone of some importance with would see this post!!!  After reading the comments on my original blog post and on FB it sounds like there are some real issues and changes need to be made within the company.  I know I won't be ordering from again!!  :(  When I think about the amount of time spent on this whole mess and trying to get some type of refund I think there is a LOT more they could have done to make this right.

Thanks for all of your comments on the original post!  I also received several email from people suggesting other places to order beads from.  Thank you and yes I have ordered from those other places as well and will continue to order from them.  :)



  1. Customer service means nothing. I had placed a large order from some time ago. It was for a class I was teaching. The order came and they had sent the wrong product. They said sorry, keep it and we will send it again. Well, they again sent the wrong product! They sent the wrong item 3 TIMES. (Meanwhile, I had to order the correct product, for more money elsewhere to get it in time to kit my class!) I finally figured out that they had the product numbers switched on the website! I called again, spoke to a "manager" and told him. He said they'd send the item again. I said, NO NO NO NO NO. I don't want it now. I am just informing you to fix your website. If you don't correct your product number issue, you will just be sending me the WRONG thing for the 4th time. He did not even care one bit. Asked if he could do anything else for me blah blah blah. Whatever, dude. I am sorry for your issue, Heidi. It really is frustrating!! I noticed the last few times that I order from J's that the packaging was horrible. They send ink refills without sealing them in plastic in case of leakage an NO packaging materials at all. None.

  2. There are several Pages of complaints against Joanns on a website: I don't know if it ever get seen by anyone in management, but there should be a way to access a management company for all retail. It is rather strange the way they stonewalled you and many others it seems. I'm glad you found places that have good service. I had a similar mishap with Joann's twice last year and have not nor will I ever shop there again.

  3. Good evening, Heidi. I am glad you spoke with someone, but sad that it really wasn't with the right person who has the decision-making powers. They need to make some important changes. Thanks for giving all of us the heads-up about this company. I've never ordered from them and won't. I hope the other companies you get your supplies from will have better service for you. You are a professional crafter and deserve to be treated as such. Blessings to you!

  4. Hi Heidi. I am like you and don't usually make negative comments on the Internet, but I don't even shop at the physical Joann stores anymore as I found the customer service so bad. I decided why should I shop there when there are other craft stores that treat people nicer? I felt much better after making that decision. It is a shame as it is such a simple, and basic, thing to fix. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope the feedback gets to management at Joanns somehow. You really would think they would want to know how they can improve. But, maybe not.

  5. Totally unbelievable. Thanks for the update. I will no longer shop there and unsubscribed from their emailings. I hope with the amount of people you reached, they will hear lots of feedback. Good luck with your bead ordering and I will continue to enjoy your beautiful creations.

  6. So frustrating Heidi! The quickest way to let a company know you're pleased or displeased with the service is Twitter. Find their account name like @joanns and type a short note to them and link your blog post in your Twitter feed. I have praised Price Chopper for great service, I've praised Zappos for an excellent online Chat service and I've complained also about Price Chopper packaging a bag of potatoes with my portabello mushroom! Each time they all reply whether they're thankful I was happy or in the last case, they directed me to help and they made that right with an apology & $10. certificate!

  7. Might want to consider doing a local news show. A TV station could do a segment about how "ordering onlne" has changed the customer service requirements that USED to be important. The TV crew would call JoAnns to get their side of it.
    Would be some unwanted publicity.

    Kathy S.....

  8. I see a lot of your beads are from the Blue Moon Beads brand do you think DCWV would be interested to hear about your issues?


  9. I had problems with my local store, no result there, tried what you did, calling and asking to talk to someone. I didn't get any where either. I went to there FB page and told everyone on Jo-Ann's FB page how lousy their store was and how useless their customer service was.....they emailed me a number to one of the Vice Presidents. And boy did the problem get fixed ASAP! Go get them, don't let them get away with anything!

  10. Hi Heidi, that girl sounds like a mindless Automatan (don't know if I spelled that right, but you get my drift). I have dealt with a few of those myself lately.
    You can be sure I will not be shopping with Joann stores either. It is a shame the way (not just this one) companies make it so hard for customers to communicate with them now. Customer service seems to be going away. I wish I knew what to tell you to do next, because if it were me I would keep trying to get someone with management to hear me on this situation. I can imagine they will lose a lot of customers over this. You take care now sweetheart and keep sharing your beautiful projects with us. Hugs Lori

  11. I was really hoping there would be a better outcome for you! I haven't ordered from Joann's in quite a while and they opened a store close to me but it is useless unless I want to buy fabric, they have almost nothing to use for cards or scrapbooking - and no ink or stamps, so I just make a trip to AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Jerry's Artarama(not sure if spelled correctly) when I need something.

  12. Did you post a link to this on their facebook page? Seems like there are many comments and complaints and they say they will pass it on to management. Nothing may not happen but who knows. It will definitely helps someone else who is thinking of buying from them.

  13. Heidi,
    I have quit going to their store also because you get the same treatment there too.

  14. Heidi,
    I will not order from them again. I had a $250 order for stamps and dies with $25 shipping because the items were on sale. Two wks pass no pkg, call it was sitting in the ware-house and will recv new tracking #. No tracking number, call again find out they shipped it back to "Themselves" as two-day shipping. Third call supposed to get new tracking get email they cannot send to my PO box give husbands name and work address and should have it in two days.
    Fourth call and 3 1/2 weeks later it shows up with just my name which is different from my husbands and almost was sent back to Joanns because they did not address correctly. The last call happened to be the morning they delivered and gave me tracking and caught it in time. All of the service reps were nice but really did not get that something is wrong in shipping. Deb


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