Monday, January 28, 2013

Spellbinders Media Mixage - Romantic Steampunk Corset Pin

Hello blogging friends! Do you ever have one of those days that just doesn't go as planned?  Well, today was that day for me--LOL!  As a result of the ice storm our power went out for awhile today and it just kind of threw the whole day off.  So needless to say I have been working (off and on) on this blog post and editing pictures for most of the day and now I can finally share it with you.  ;-) 

I am so excited about the New  Media Mixage™ line from Spellbinders Creative Arts™ that was introduced at CHA!!  All of us designers have been working behind the scenes on projects for the past several months and now we can finally share about it on our blogs.  Several of the projects we worked on were picked up for different publications so some of that stuff we can't share just yet but I have a new project to share with you today using products from the Media Mixage™ line.

Here is the Romantic Steampunk Corset pin that I designed using MD2-007 Dresses Two (die template), MB6-007 Dresses Two (blank) and MB6-004 Flowers One (blank) from the Media Mixage™ line.  I also used the New Artisan X-plorer™ for the die cutting.

I started with the MD2-007 Dresses Two die template and the Prima Romance Novel  pattern paper and then I used the Artisan X-plorer™ to die cut the shape.  Then I used Beacon ZipDry Adhesive to adhere the pattern paper to the MB6-007 Dresses Two blank.  Once the adhesive was dry I lightly sanded the edges of the paper.

Next using my finger I edged the paper with white acrylic paint.  Then I used an Action Screw Hole Punch to punch the little holes in the blank.  The Action Screw Hole Punch is a great little tool for punching holes in the blanks and it is so easy to use!  All you do is slide the blank in place under the screw and then turn the handle to tighten down and it punches a hole.  This one can do two different size holes.  I picked this up at Hobby Lobby and it was under $10.  I think most of the big box craft stores carry these in the jewelry and beading area.  You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

After I punched the holes then I lightly added Diamond Stickles on the entire piece.  I added the MB6-004 Flowers One blank to the top, this is one of the small flowers in the set.  I used a round nose pliers to curl the petals on the flower.  Then I added a metal gear to the center with some pearls.

On the bottom half I added some small pieces of chain, metal gears, pearls and jump rings with acrylic crystal drops.

*EDIT--I'm sorry, I totally forgot to add this photo last night!  Here is a picture of the pin back that I used. I used E6000 to adhere the pin back to the back of the blank.

I had so much fun creating this little pin! 

Spellbinders is challenging everyone to Explore Beyond with their own creativity.  Don't be afraid to try new things and make it all your own style!!  There is no right or wrong--it's all about you and whatever you like.  Have Fun and CREATE!! ;-) 

Hugs & Smiles,

Spellbinders Creative Arts™:  Media Mixage™ Artisan X-plorer™, MD2-007 Dresses Two (die template), MB6-007 Dresses Two (blank), MB6-004 Flowers One (blank)
Paper:  Prima Romance Novel 6 x 6 pad
Accessories:  Beacon ZipDry Adhesive; Ranger Glossy Accents, Diamond Stickles; Round Nose Pliers, Action Screw Hole Punch, White Acrylic Paint, Sanding Block, Chains, Pearls, Metal Gears, Jump Rings, Acrylic Crystal Drops, Pin Back, E6000


  1. Absolutely gorgeous creation. I so LOVE how it looks now, it´s all done.
    I have one question thoug, what kind of pin did you use for it, and you don´t say anything about adding it either, so what did you use to adhere whatever pin you used? I know, it´s really hard to get anything to hold well enough, when it´s on metal, as it needs to be able to take quite a pressure on it, when you have to put the pin onto a jacket or something like that???
    Have a wonderful day and lots of fun creating too.

  2. This is really pretty!I can see I will definitely have to be getting these new dies and blanks! Love all of your creations! :)

  3. How cool is this? Way cool, I'd say. Thanks for showing some of the new stuff...I'm got to try it early.

    Keep up the amazing, creative work.

  4. LOVE what you did with the blank!! Thanks for the reminder of that hole punch - need to get that and start punching holes! LOL!! Wonderful inspiration as always <3

  5. Hello!
    So pretty creation !

    Hugs, Myrna

  6. LURV LURV LURV it!!! This is just beautiful. Love all the detail you put into it. Just gorgeous!!

  7. Thanks sooo much for adding the last picture and info here too. Now it makes more sense. It´s really an outstanading creation and so gorgeous.


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