Friday, January 25, 2013

Key To My Heart Card and Valentine Blog Candy!!

Hello blogging friends!  I know it's been a few days since my last post.  I have been having a hard time trying to get back in to the swing of things after coming home from CHA.  You would think a week later and I would be all rested up but I feel like I am still trying to get caught up on sleep.  I have still been working on projects but the past couple of days I have been typing up instructions for publications.  I will admit it--I hate typing--LOL!!  But at least I got it done and now I can move on to some fun things.  

Today I have a Valentine card to share with you and I also have some fun Valentine Blog Candy!!  First I will show you the card and then I will get to all of the details on the Blog Candy.

Here is the Valentine card that I designed.  It's a clean and simple look but I love the red and white with just a hint of black and silver.  I used Pearlized Dark Red Scored Card for the base and one of the matting layers and White Linen for one of the matting layers, oval and tag.  All of the die templates are from Spellbinders Creative Arts™ January 2013 CHA Collection.  These are the die templates that I used, S5-171 A2 Curved Matting Basics AS5-172 Curved Matting Basics B and S5-177 A2 Filigree Delight .  All of these die templates are part of the Card Creator Collection from Spellbinders.

I used CR-04325 Antique Valentine Tags One stamp set from JustRite Papercraft.  I stamped the decorative key hole using Memento Lady Bug and then edged the tag with both Lady Bug and Rhubarb Stalk.  Then I used Tuxedo Black ink to stamp the sentiment. I used 3D Foam Squares to layer the oval and the tag and then I added 3/8" White Satin with Silver Metallic Edge ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon and a handmade stick pin.  

To finish off the card I added some Pearl Jellie Dot and tiny pearls from The Rubber Cafe`.

Ok, are you ready to hear all about the 
♥ Valentine Blog Candy ♥ and 
see some pictures of the goodies?  

Here is a picture of all of the goodies.

Items included in the Valentine Blog Candy
3 Mini Stamp Sets
1 Mini Clear Block
1 Package of Buttons
2 Gift Bags
1 Heart Punch
2 Bottles of Glitter Glue
2 Dye Ink Pads
2 Spools of Ribbon
8+ Yards of Assorted Ribbons and Trims
1 Package of Brads (The Paper Company)
12 Pink Roses (I am Roses)
1 Mini Clipboard w/ Notepad
3 Acrylic Flowers
6 Baubles 
4 Doves
1 Yard Rose Fabric Tape
6 Charms (2 keys, 2 locks, 1 heart, 1 Eiffel Tower)
2 Ribbon Buckle Sliders w/ 2 Pink Lg Flat Back Pearls 
4 Pearl Hearts
6 Garment Pins


1.Tell me what you like to get for Valentine's Day--Flowers, Candy, Perfume--do you go out for a special date night with your sweetheart? 

2.  Please be sure to leave your email or a link back to you blog so I can contact you if you win.

You will have until Monday, January 28th at midnight CST to leave a comment.  I will pick the winner and email them on Tuesday.  The winner will have 48 hours to reply to the email.  
If you would like to subscribe or follow my blog that would be greatly appreciated too.  ♥  **but not required for the blog candy. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you have a Fantastic weekend!! 
Stay warm and Good Luck with the Blog Candy!!

Hugs & Smiles,

Paper: Pearlized Dark Red Scored Card and EnvelopesWhite Linen
Stamps: JustRite Papercraft  CR-04325 Antique Valentine Tags One
Ink:  ImagineCrafts/Tsukineko Memento Lady Bug, Rhubarb Stalk, Tuxedo Black
Dies:   Spellbinders Creative Arts™ Grand Calibur® Machine, S5-171 A2 Curved Matting Basics A, S5-172 Curved Matting Basics B, S5-177 A2 Filigree Delight 
Accessories:  Really Reasonable Ribbon 3/8" White Satin with Silver Metallic EdgeThe Rubber Cafe` Scrap Happy Sheer Glue, Stick "EM" Up ToolPearl Jellie DotScrapbook Adhesives by 3L 3D Foam Squares; Hot Glue; Handmade Stick Pin


  1. Hi Heidi! what great candy! Thanks for the chance to win,,,

    I like to get anything my wonderful husband of 29 years gets me! My favorite, though, has to be flowers. They are a complete luxury, something I never buy myself, and they are oh so pretty!

    We often go out for dinner, just the two of us, although rarely on the day itself,,,,,,even if my husband isn't working, the restaurants are just too busy! Cuddling in bed watching television and having a nice dinner in bed is our usual!

    Have a wonderful valentines day with your special sweetheart!


  2. Your Card is just so sweet I love the fancy Key hole :) and we will just be enjoying a lovely day together and a simple dinner at home followed by popcorn and a movie.
    What I'd love a back massage. Now that would be heaven
    thank you for the chance at winning all this sweet goodies and Have a fantastic weekend
    hugs Nikki

  3. Great card Heidi...hard to believe Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I always look forward to the hand-made card my husband makes for me...with great poetry.

  4. First I have to say I love your card. As for me I like to receive flowers. My husband usually takes me out to dinner. Thank you for a chance to win. Velma

  5. I like the simple, striking style of your card! As for the blog candy - it would be so fun to have! Our anniversary (#43) is just 1 week before Valentine's Day, so we kind of celebrate a little earlier than most folks. My favorite thing to receive is a homemade card/valentine from hubby. He's not into crafts, but he will sit down and play with some of the paper/stamps, etc. that I have and make me a Valentine --- and I really cherish them!!!

  6. Like you cards so much! We actually don't celebrate Valentine's Day in full meaning of the word "celebrate". As my husband says I love you all year around:-) But still we do have dinner, watch some romantic movie, and give some cards each other with some sentiments. And this sentiments I like the most! But this year will be different, as there are already tree of us)))

  7. First of all thank you for the chance to win marvelous blog is so very generous of you.
    My hubby of 48 years and I love Valentines Day. Maybe 35 years ago we were in a drug store and noticed all the valentines chocolates; not having any money to even buy a small box, I picked the biggest most ornate heart shaped box I could find and took it over to him in the next aisle. Making a big scene about how I loved him, giggling the whole time, I presented this huge box of chocolates with my hand on my heart. ONLY thing was he had to put it back! We laughed ourselves silly. Now on each Valentines Day we still go in drug stores and present each other the biggest box we can find, giggling, and putting it back. A very special date at an unconventional site!

  8. Your card is absolutely gorgeous Heidi, I just love it. And that sentiment is awesome.
    This is one of two times a year my husbond takes care of dinner, he usually go out and buy some he he, but never mind that thoug, and he have always for the 36 years we´ve been married now, given me a huge buquet of roses on that day, and then he most times gives me a giftcard for the craftstore, as he knows, that´s what I like the most. But he´s always been a romantic soul and never missed once either for Valentines Day, my birthday or our weddingday ever, so I guess, I´m one of the lucky ones this way ha ha ha.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win some great goodies, I´ve alwready been a follower for a very loooong time.
    Hope you´ll have a wonderful Valentines Day too and have a great week-end as well.

  9. Love all the candy !!!

    My favorite Valentine gifts are sweet handmade cards from my two grandaughters. They are now 16 & 12. I have kept every card they have ever made me.

    I also have all the cards my children have ever given me.

    Sweet Memories.

    Hope I am the winner.


  10. Thank you Heidi for the chance to win such beautiful Candy. Every year my sweetheart brings me a small box of chocolates with a gift card to my favorite craft store.

  11. Thank you Heidi for the chance to win such beautiful Candy. Every year my sweetheart brings me a small box of chocolates with a gift card to my favorite craft store.

  12. What an amazing card. I love the intricacy of die and stamp together. You do an amazing job with your cards- such lovingly made.

    You blog candy is very generous as well. For Valentine's Day I like to do a romantic dinner out (although many times we go on a day around the holiday instead of the actual day. I suppose I should prefer flowers to candy as I am on a diet but I do love good chocolate. rlovew1976 @

  13. I love the card, and a very nice candy.
    and i like to get Parfum and flowers, the flowers are only a week and the perfume I can do very long, just like our love ( 26 jears togehter) . and usually we cook together some goodies.

  14. Love to come and see what you have been up to! Kicks the creative gears in motion! Thank you for the chance to win some blog candy! What a great giveaway.
    I don't really have a favorite gift for Valentines but I do love chocolate! We don't really celebrate too much, usually a quiet evening at home is good for us!

  15. wow, what a generous bunch of blog candy! thanks for the chance to win. my husband and I don't "need" any candy. so we get the really small 4 piece boxes just so we know it's a valentine. we have a fun dinner dance at our church that we go to each year and usually get our picture taken there. I make him a card and he goes off shopping to find the most ridiculous card and gives it from the dogs! then he gets me a gushy one. occasionally there is something that I want and all I have to do is mention it and he goes off on a journey to find it. so it's pretty good around here! thanks for reading my little story. good luck all! ps I get the not liking to type. even though this is long winded the only punctuation I use is the ! and the .. have a happy valentines day all!

  16. We usually eat in as there are so many people out! I try to make something special.

  17. Such a pretty card. I want all the new Spellbinders dies.

    What I would like to get from Valentine's day is anything heartfelt from my hubby. He usually gives me such wonderful gifts that expressed how much he loves me. We don't go out on Valentine's Day, we usually have dinner at home then cuddle while watching movies....

  18. Oh my gosh what great goodies you are offering. WOW!! Hubby usually takes me out to dinner or bring home chinese food (I love) and always a really loving card...ahhhhh. He is a sweetie. Sure wish I could go to a CHA sometime in my life...of course if I could I would owe money for the rest of my life...tee hee hee. evette

  19. I love all your creations...
    Valentine's Day? I'd love a gift card to Brighton (for jewelry), a nice dinner and maybe some craft supplies, of course...oh, and chocolate, lots of chocolate.

    Fun to be here...Happy Day to you and your sweetie.

  20. Beautiful card, you always do such amazing work! Last year both of my daughters surprised me with Valentine Goodies. I enjoy anything that lets me know someone is thinking about me and cares.

  21. My favorite thing to get from my hubby is flowers.....and of course, a card. You're offering some amazing goodies for your blog candy. Your cards are beautiful!

  22. Heide, I'd be thrilled if my husband would get me anything for Valentine's Day. He has gotten to the point where he doesn't give any gifts unless we are in a store and I talk him into something. It would be awesome to have him surprise me. But after 44 years he says we are good as we are. I'll make him a card and probably get him some candy.
    Candy Meyers

  23. Heidi, beautiful card! 30 years of marriage coming up this year, for me anything that shows me you are thinking of me is good for me! But its always nice to get a lovely boutique of flowers!

  24. I love to get a card with a love note. My husband takes me out to dinner and then later in the week I make a romantic meal for us! Valentines day is also our anniversary!

  25. Beautiful card! You always have very pretty projects! For Valentines day: Gotta be CHOCOLATE! Love getting more craft supplies to go with it. :)

  26. WOW!!! to allllll of your candy.
    This May we will be celebrating our 55th year of marriage and 56 years since we met. For Valentine's day (and any day for that matter)I stiiiillll enjoy hugs, kissses, and "I Love You" from my husband. PRICELESS! ! !
    Jean McGee

  27. What I would love to get for Valentines Day, is a Skype call from our kids, who both live overseas. One in Australia,one in New Zealand, for both of us.
    It's also my husbands birthday, so I give him his special meal, make a special card(last year I made a cup,slice of pie, and tray all of paper), and lots of hugs....Happy Valentine's Day.

  28. I've been married to my wonderful husband for 41 years. We know each other so well it is difficult to surprise one another. That said, I love s surprise. A romantic card always hits the spot.

  29. Hey!! I want a big bunch of chocolate from my sweetie!! But he is usually too cheap to buy anything! LOL Great blog candy!

  30. I want a huge extra hug for Valentine's Day and another handmade card from him. He went into my scrapbook room and took a card he bought all apart and found some paper in my room and made me the sweetest handmade Valentine card last year-he who complains of my stashes all the time went into them to make me a special card.
    That was a special way to showed he cared but winning this lovely stash would be fun to share with him. Thanks for the lovely goodies someone will win. Pauline J.

  31. Oh my word, such a wonderfully generous blog candy chance!!! So pretty too, thank you for the chance! I love to get flowers from my sweet hubs, but candy is nice to share. We usually go out sometime during the week of Valentine's Day, not always on Valentine's Day, but close enough. I still see the handsome high school senior I met over 30 years ago when we are together. I enjoy spending Valentine's Day with my handsome hubs, and hopefully always will.

  32. What lovely cards as usual. I personally like cards from family and handmade ones from grandkids.
    Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful goodies.

  33. Great card! Thanks for a chance to win such great blog candy. I like to receive just about anything for Valentine's day as it shows someone is thinking of me.


  34. I always enjoy seeing your blog via e-mail. Thanks for sharing your talent/creations with us.
    Also I am very excited for a chance to win all that glorious blog candy!
    For Valentines, I would love to get a gift card to the craft stores or a "date" with my husband to resale and rummage sales. We don't go out on Valentine's Day...too crowded...but go out a different weekend.

  35. I have to admit I'm not a really romantic type, so I'd like to get something useful like perfume or why not something crafty! Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies (scrapannelies at yahoo dot com)

  36. I love the card.I am a spellbinders For Valentines Day my hubby usually gets me an orchid because the flowers last so long..and they are so pretty..thanks for the chance to win these awesome

  37. I love the cards, pink is my favorite color! Unfortunately I dont have a sweetie this year, so will be home for valentine day. TFS


  38. What a gorgeous card!! The design is so elegant and beautiful!! I love flowers for Valentine's Day!! Thanks so much for the chance to win some very generous candy!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  39. Always enjoy seeing card creations!
    WOW, that is A LOT of great Valentine blog candy! LOL!!! What a very generous giveaway and Thank you!
    I sure enjoy good chocolate and flowers on Valentines day! Hubby isn't into "holidays" a card is fine!

  40. WOW what awesome candy. Valentines Day is one of my most favorite days. My hubby and I have been married for 37 wonderful years, and we enjoy just a quiet evening at home with a candle light dinner. We also celebrate life, because it was the13th day of February that I started treatment for breast cancer in the year of 2000 and am proud to say I have survived and still fight the battle. Life is so precious. Thank you for all you share with us, you are an awesome artist. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Hugs! Cyndie

  41. Well I like to get flowers. My husband always gets me flowers & 2 cards--one of which is the kind that plays music-he loves those-haha! Your card is very pretty! Thank you for the chance to win the goodies!

  42. Thanks for thinking of us for Valentine's Day. It is a sweeeeet giveaway.

    marg0006 at verizon dot net

  43. Forgot to mention my faves are chocolates & flowers. Love to go out or have a romantic dinner.

    marg0006 at verizon dot net

  44. LOVE your card! LOVE flowers and going out for dinner with my husband on Valentine's Day! (Or the weekend before or after. Whenever we can afford it.) :^)

  45. OOPS! I forgot to tell you, I don't have a blog. Hope that doesn't disqualify me. Here is my email: Thanks for the chance to win all of that FUN stuff!

  46. Your card is very cute! And definitely CAS! I like going out to dinner for Valentine's Day!
    Thanks for a chance at this yummy candy! i have candy up too, come check it out!

  47. Hi Heidi. I love your blog. I've been following by email for a long time. You inspire me to move on to something I had not done before. I've made many cards (even wall art) with the inspiration I got from something you posted. Thanks for the chance for the blog candy...and thanks for sharing your art.

  48. Nice blog and inspirations :)
    Weeelll Valentines day ... I think I'd like to get candys mmmmmm (rafaello) and of course red rose :D And for 99% I will stay at home 'couse we have two childs with my sweetheart - my husband :)
    My email is :)

    Greetings from frozy PoLaNd :)

  49. I would love to win the candy. I follow your blog everyday and would love to see your pictures from CHA. Your cards are just beautiful as always. My husband always gave my daughters and I candy and roses for Valentine's Day before he passed away 7 years ago. I would love to be able to spend one more Valentine's Day with him. My email is

  50. Love your clean and simple card - especially the ribbon! I like to get flowers and candy for valentine`s day. Every so often, my hubby of 42 years takes me out for dinner. Some years he will also buy me a card. He really likes the cards I make for him. Actually, this year I think I would love to win your blog candy! It`s awesome!

  51. Looks like an abundance of Blog Candy! I don't expect anything on Valentine's Day or any other gift giving occasion. I learned early on that I didn't want anything that he didn't think to do or buy on his own. I don't hint at anything, either. If I want something, and I think I can swing it, I buy it myself. I am very fortunate that I have a husband who doesn't get upset every time I get a package from FedEx or UPS...But if truth be told, it would be nice to get flowers- something I rarely buy for myself.

  52. I love to just have a special night with my Hubby of 27 yrs. I also love just one Rose and a Card. thanks for the chance to win this Awesome Giveaway.

  53. Your card is gorgeous Heidi! I love the red and white,with the accent of black, it is perfect!
    I love to get flowers for valentines day! Of course I love flowers anytime! Lol my husband a few years ago started getting me little valentine trinket boxes,and now that is also a favorite and something that I love!
    Thank you for sharing this incredible giveaway, and for always sharing your beautiful creativity and inspiration with us!
    Blessings and hugs,

  54. My hubs usually gets me flowers but this year I have some sick family members and I would like for them to get better.

  55. I love your work and I follow you blog. Thank you for sharing.

  56. Yet another beautiful card Heidi, so elegant and i just love the sentiment.
    Im lucky to have an amazing husband that showers me with love daily so valentines is really just another day although we do always do something special in the evening together be it a lovely meal and exchanging gifts and cards to cuddling up on the sofa to a gooey movie, and spend the day doing things with our children so that they know just how awesome and loved they are.
    Thanks for the chance to win all that wonderful candy - my email addy is just in case :) i'll be keeping my fingers crossed xNx

  57. Very pretty card, I love following your blog to see what you have created. Thank you for this opportunity to win this blog candy.
    For Valentine's Day I look forward to going out to supper with my husband and to receiving the card my sister makes for me.

  58. Candy is great, but then who needs that after the holiday, what I like most would be flowers, or just a single rose that isn't red, now I don't have anything against red, but there are so many beautiful roses colors out there, that I would like to be surprised. However your candy is the kind I like, it last a long time and it won't put on the pounds.

  59. Candy your "candy" package is fantastic. I sure hope I can win it. Your card is beautiful and I appreciate your sharing. Sure hope I can win....

  60. What an awesome giveaway!! Well.....seeing as I currently dont have a special valentine :( I look forward to receiving cards from out of town family for valentines day. And of course I look forward to the candy that I buy for

  61. Hi Heidi, Wow! I almost missed this and I don't know how. I get your posts daily in my e-mail and just love your projects. This blog candy is WOWZA fantastik!! Thank for the chance to win it. Hubby brings me flowers, although I prefer Chocolate. He usually works on Valentines day, so we don't get to go out, but he does not forget me. Hugs Lori

  62. I love a smile from my hubby. A big bear hug is icing on the cake.

  63. I like to get a night off. Have the hubby take care of homework, cooking and clean-up. That is my ideal gift. Craft supplies are always a really great bonus :)

  64. I like to have the hubby take care of homework, cook dinner and clean-up. That's the best gift. Craft supplies would just be a great bonus!!


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