Friday, July 6, 2007

A few days off

I took a few days off from the computer! *gasp!* The 4th of July is a busy time. For several years now our town has celebrated the 4th of July a day early with having the parade on the 3rd of July. We are known for having a great parade and they are able to bring in so many more floats and bands with doing it a day early. This year Mother Nature just wasn't on our side!!! About 10 minutes into the parade the Tornado Warnings were sounded!! This is a first!! A lot of people thought at first that it was coming from the fire trucks and was part of the parade. Then when they realized what it was I think a lot of people were thinking now what and where do I go! The police came out and started telling people to clear out and that the parade was canceled. So everyone was picking up and taking off not really knowing what was going on. We had the radio on and found out that most of the storm was north of us but because of the new laws they have to sound the warnings if anything is happening in that county. We took all the food inside and then hung out outside for about 20 minutes and then came the rain! We were very lucky that we only had rain and strong winds. But one second it was sprinkling and the next it was a total downpour!! By the time we grabbed a few things and got inside the house we were soaked all the way through!! Mom and I were just laughing because we were both soaked!! Standing there with water just running off of us!! What a mess, but what can you do.
Then the power went out! I put up everything that needed to go into the frig and once it calmed down outside we went out to pick everything up. The table and chairs were all flipped over, the only thing still standing was the grill. I guess this will be one for the history books of our town!! But we really did need the rain and thank goodness we didn't have a tornado!!
For the 4th we enjoyed the awesome display of fireworks!! We went down to the lake with Mom and Dad and we had ordered a pizza ahead of time so we hung out, had pizza, watched all the boats and a beautiful sunset and then to top off the night the fireworks!! Hope you enjoy all the pictures!!


  1. What a story! I can see from your awesome photos Heidi, that you all enjoyed your holiday despite the rain! Great photos.

  2. beautiful photos & great looking cards



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