Monday, July 2, 2007

Stamping Classes for the month of June.

I know June is over but I wanted to post the cards that we made in class this last month. I always have so much fun doing the classes and I love seeing the out come of all the design work. I also love seeing all of the ladies in the class and their reaction to the cards we make each month. Here is the 1st cards we made. I am posting a few different pictures so you can see the different outcomes. Depending on what kind of leaves you use and the amount of colorwash you use you will get a different look every time. I love these shades of green! It just seems so fresh and crisp to me. For these two cards I used leaves from a flowering phlox.~
This is also using phlox.~
Here is another one using ferns.~
This is the 2nd card we made. I had posted a card not too long ago that I designed for an order and I liked it so much I wanted to doing something similar but on a smaller scale. Here is the 3rd card. This is another technique using a colorwash. I really enjoy working with the colorwashes, it is always a different outcome each time.
There are several different brands of colorwash out on the market but if you would like to have some fun mixing your own special blend here is a very easy recipe for colorwash.


Small fine mist spray bottle (you can even use a small bottle from hairspray or a body spray.)
Rubbing Alcohol

Reinkers (dye inks)

Fill your bottle about 1/2 inch from the top with the rubbing alcohol and then add anywhere from 50 to 75 drops of ink. It might be more or less ink depending on how vibrant of a colorwash you would like. If you want to check the color just put the pump on and spray a few times onto white paper. Tips**Don't forget to label your bottle and how many drops of ink you used. Also give it a little shake if it sits for awhile in between uses.


  1. WOW Heidi. I really like those natural flower cards. Stunning and unique.
    The other two are fun and fresh, especially that colorwash butterfly one!

    Super job!

  2. Wow, beautiful! i especially love the leaves/colorwash. Awesome! Who makes the flourish/swirl stamp on the first few cards?

  3. heidi you did a great job on these, you always do such a wonderfull job. you rock girlie!


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