Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mystery Destash Boxes

Hello everyone!  I had mentioned on Facebook not too long ago that I was cleaning my studio, rearranging and organizing.  As many of you know I have a sale here at my home every year--out with the old and in with the new.  I have been doing the sales for several years now.  Every year I have people who follow my blog or friends on Facebook message me or email me asking if I am going to do any online sales.  I don't have a lot of time to be listing, pricing and photographing everything so I was trying to think of a way I could offer up some crafty goodies online and I decided to so some Mystery Destash Boxes.

Now I know so many of us have a large stash of dies in our studios and craft rooms so I will list the dies in each box and then the extra goodies will be the mystery part. The boxes are filled with crafty goodies--new and gently used.  Every box will include six Spellbinders die sets along with a variety of other crafty goodies that might include--glitters, stamps, ribbons/trims, or embellishments.   

 I have 10 small flat rate boxes packaged up and ready to ship! 


US only, PayPal only and first come first serve.  
If you are interested email me at Floralfantasy@charter(dot)net
Please provide:
Mystery Destash Box Number
Mailing Address
Then I will send you an invoice and please pay upon receipt.  If I haven't received payment within 24 hours then the Mystery Destash Box will be put back up for grabs. 

Small Flat Rate Box $30.00 includes shipping
*Each box contains an approximate retail value of $95 or more--this is 
based on when products were new/purchased.

Here is a sample of one of the Mystery Destash Boxes.

I have listed the dies included in each box along with the SKU#.  If you want to see what the dies look like go to Google and open up the Images tab.  Then copy and paste the name and SKU# and the images of the dies should come up or a card/project created with the dies.

I will update this blog post as often as I can with what is available, pending or sold.

First I want to say Thank You to everyone who purchased a Mystery Destash Box!!  
There is only ONE box left in this lot.
For anyone who missed out but is still interested in the Mystery Destash Boxes I will be doing another post next week with a few more boxes so please check back or subscribe so you will see the post.  I will also be posting on FB once I have the boxes ready so feel free to send me a friend request on FB.  Thanks again everyone!! :)

Box 1 *SOLD*
S4-332 Leafy Squares
S4-376 Labels Twenty-Seven
S5-200 Sentiments
IN-001 Caged
IN-040 Horseshoe Crab
S2-123 Fancy Label Tags Four

Box 2 *SOLD*
S2-067 Create A Rose
S2-079 Stained Glass
S2-091 Pheasant 
S4-424 Gold Labels Thirty-Four
S4-393 Gold Corners Set One
S4-317 Fleur De Lis Rectangles

Box 3
S2-052 Window Four
S2-013 Medallion Two
S4-360 Potpourri
S4-523 Cozy Cottage
S4-194 Classic Inverted Scalloped Circles Large
S4- 195 Classic Inverted Scalloped Circles Small

Box 4 *SOLD*
S2-Fantastic Flourish Three
S4-162 Labels Two
S2-077 Beautiful Locket
S5-169 Double Delight 
S5-141 Sweet Folk Art
S4-313 Blossom Four

Box 5 *SOLD*
S4-422 Majestic Squares
S2-019 Grate Works
S2-101 Fancy Labels Tags Three
S5-206 Fascination
S5-097 Jewel Treasures
S3-214 Purrfect

Box 6 *SOLD*
IN-055 Dream Catcher
S4-331 Pumpkin Circles
IN-020 Flower Power 1
S5-170 Star Dreams
S5-074 Retro Mod Clocks
S4-500 Vine Border

Box 7 *SOLD*
S2-068 Hibiscus Corners
S5-111 Angle Approach
S5-073 Orchard Harvest Tags & Accents
S4-320 Nested Butterflies Two
S4-354 Splendid Circles
IN-039 School Is In

Box 8 *SOLD*
IN-Twigs Unite
S4-278 Nested Candy Corn
S4-361 Whimsy
S4-410 Gold Squares One
S2-175 Dog Days
S4-384 Majestic Elements Exquisite Circles

Box 9 *SOLD*
S5-046 Banner Basics Three
S4-319 Lattice Rectangles
S5-061 Daisy Flower Topper
S4-374 Country Charm
S4-481 Hearts A Flutter
S2-039 Medallion Nine

Box 10 *SOLD*
S5-209 Gold Labels Twenty-Five
S5-125 Pinwheels
S4-309 Labels Four Small
IN-042 Koi
IN-011 Our House
S4-196 Classic Inverted Scalloped Squares Large

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment box below or you can email me at Floralfantasy@charter(dot)net.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Hugs & Smiles,

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