Saturday, April 25, 2015 Online Haul - Disappointed - Frustrated!!!

First of all let me say YES, this is going to be a bit of a rant and I am sorry--I have never done a blog post like this before.  BUT right now I am feeling so DISAPPOINTED and FRUSTRATED with!!!  I place an order with and I was sent the biggest tangled mess you could imagine!!  I place a very large order online and it was mostly beads.  THIS is what the box looked like when I opened it up!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

SERIOUSLY!?!?!  Almost all of the beads were glass or porcelain.  Have they ever heard of bubble wrap???  Or any kind of packaging material for that matter?  

Strands of beads busted and broken--lots of bits and pieces in the bottom of the box.  This is just a small corner of the box.

And then there is this tangled mess!!!  If you have ever had strands of beads tangled you know what kind of nightmare this can be!!

Here is just a small part of the tangled mess.

I spent over an hour and a half going through everything in the box and trying to untangle it.  This doesn't include the time it took to take all of the pictures.  Some of the strands of beads were in such a tangled mess I had to cut them apart.

Out of 35 strands of beads 9 were either chipped, scratched or busted!!  Now I know some of the chips and scratches are small and may not seem like that big of a deal BUT if you were to go and buy a finished jewelry piece it would be unexceptionable for it to have scratches and chips--right???  I make a lot of jewelry and I CAN'T use beads like this!!!

Isn't this lovely?  An empty string.  These beads were tiny and most of them are not even in the bottom of the box.  I am guessing they must have fallen out of the little holes in the box during shipping.  

Now for the real kicker!!!  Not ONE BUT...

TWO completely EMPTY BAGS!!!!!

FOR REAL!?!?!?!


This is just completely ridiculous and SO unprofessional!!!  I can't believe when they are shipping glass items they didn't use one little bit of packaging material.  What were they thinking???  Believe me I will be calling customer service first thing Monday morning!!  Yes, I know there is an 800 number that I could call over the weekend--but I want to speak to someone in management and I am sure they won't have anyone there during the weekend.  I expect them to make this right!!!!  If you have hung in here until the end I am sorry for the long rant but I think this needed to be said!!  I will keep you posted!

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  1. I don't know you personally, and have just recently started following your blog - but I really can both sympathize and empathize with your situation.

    And I absolutely agree that its totally unprofessional and ridiculous that a package should come with the contents in this condition.

    I also think company's of that size take for granted that many people will forego the returns and complaint process so they don't seem to worry much about this type of thing - so I will ALWAYS ALWAYS call a company and ask 1) first politely, 2) more strongly and finally 3) ask to speak to management or follow up with other channels (consumer complaints, permanent online negative reviews in prominent places, BBB complaint filing, etc,)

    If we don't start holding these company's "feet to the fire" when it comes to quality of both product and service then they'll continue to do things like this to hardworking, paying customers!

    Good luck with your returns/replacements and *hugs* for getting such "unhappy" mail today. :( I know that had to just make you want to pull your hair out!

  2. I agree with everything Dee just said. that is so frustrating that (any)company would treat a customer this way. OR did the pkg come in contact with "something" along the way that damaged the "original" pkging and this mess occurred? looks like you had a lot of ideas for new projects ahead of you and some really new and interesting materials to work with. hope it all works out okay. BTW... I just went out to the mailbox and another pkg from justrite arrived with YOUR stamp set in it.. whisper of wings. i'll be using it this weekend. good luck with your latest shipment.

  3. Totally uncalled for, very un professional and I am so disappointed that JoAnn's would do this, they do have so many beautiful beads, but to send them like this is way beyond words. Please let us know what they say.

  4. I would be so upset too.. Thanks for sharing, because many of use will think twice before ordering glass beads from Tell us how things work out.

  5. Wow, is a big mess I agree with everybody, I don't even have words it make me engry as well

  6. I have never seen such a mess! Somebody did this packing at the end of the day! I would take it into a Joann's and ask for the manager to let the correct people know about this! And I would give all of it back!

  7. I have been a follower of yours for a long time, and I follow another 100 or so blogs - this is the 2nd time I've ever commented anywhere. I live in Canada, and recently placed a very large order at Joanns - in excess of 350.00 - I had 6 cards missing from a package of Tim Holtz cards and a large plastic item crushed - although the box was fine. I did call the 800 number, on the weekend - and it is "closed" then. I didn't call back, but I also haven't ordered anything else there either. On a nicer note - I absolutely love your blog, you are very talented, and just plain fun to "hang around with". Thanks for all the time and effort you put into all you share, I for one, am very appreciative. regards, faye

  8. Oh yes, this is so unexceptable. Glad you took pic's and took the time to post this. You can let that manager know that thousands of crafters read your blog posts....that should do the trick. Who wants chipped and damaged and lost goods? At least they should all have been placed separately in baggies. I hope things work out for a refund.

  9. Heidi. Thank you for posting this AND taking pictures to show us. I think I'd take yr tablet with u with yr rave and our responses. I forget the statistics of how many customers tell others of negative experiences with businesses but u have soooo many followers and all of us will tell others of yr experience! I know I will after seeing yr pix. Sooo, VERY important how they will make this right. I would be furious too. There's always Hobby Lobby (think Michael's and JoAnne's r owned by same group). Hugs 2 u.

  10. Hi Heidi
    As i said on your F/B page after you have made your feelings plain, ask for a repaid envelope to post the mess back to them , you gave them a very large order and you deserve better than to get a jumbled mess , i really do not know what the company were thinking to send out an order with no sensible packaging ,? all i can say is it is their loss ,they have lost a valued customer in you . { and many more crafters if they read your experience of things,} i for one will not go there for my bits n bobs.
    Keep us informed of how you go on.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  11. I can totally understand your frustration! If this was me, I would be so disgusted, upset, and humiliated that they didn't even take the time to wrap each strand separately to keep them from banging around and chipping. What an awful experience. I think after seeing all your photos, they should reimburse you your money and have you keep the items. They won't be able to sell them. I hope you get this resolved and they go beyond to make sure they can restore your trust in them.

  12. You have every right to rant. That is awful. I would make a copy of your pictures and your rant and send to Joann corportate office, addressed to the president!!! They need to know what is going on in their shipping areas.

  13. I agree totally also, with everything everyone is saying!!! AND I ALSO AGREE with Barbara R that you should sent a copy of EVERYTHING to the COPERATE OFFICE ADDRESSED TO THE PRESIDENT!!!! They DEFINITELY NEED TO KNOW about this and how things are being shipped!!! What a reputation they will get from all this!!!! DO KEEP US INFORMED, please!!!

  14. I would be highly upset if I rec'd a box like that. That is a complete mess. I've ordered several items from, and I've never seen anything like that. You should contact them ASAP. They should send you a new box of everything you ordered packaged correctly.

  15. Oh Heidi, this is terrible. I will never order from them online. Luckily, I have a store close to me, but they do not stock everything in the store that is online. Hope they make this right for you soon. You do such beautiful work and cannot use damaged goods. Thanks for sharing. Lorna

  16. OMG Heidi...I would send it all back to them just like I received it with a letter and a few choice words...your one would buy damaged merchandise...see how they would like to undo that tangled mess and put it back on the shelf...demand your money back and shop some place else for quality merchandise...your time should be spent making the items...not handling's crapola.

    Good Luck

  17. I completely understand your frustration! I have been there. I got so frustrated half way through my mess that I just tossed it all back in and called the company to get a RMA and refund and sent the entire mess right back to them with pictures of what it looked like when I opened the box. They contacted me later on and offered me a gift certificate on top of my refund. I said sure I will take a gift certificate TO ANOTHER STORE! They asked me why I would say that and I asked if they had seen the mess. They told me they had and that was why they were offering me a gift certificate. I replied again that they could give me a gift certificate to another store where I could buy the same products and KNOW that they would arrive in good shape!
    Right now is on my and list because I have been waiting on something since JANUARY! I can't seem to get any type of a response as to where it is and can't get a refund because they don't know where it is. UGH! Fighting the good fight here!
    Hope they fix your issue in a timely manner!

  18. Hi Heidi, I have read all of the comments and agree with everyone totally! I have followed you for many years now and have seen the beautiful creations you have made. I also noticed the time you take to set up a beautiful presentation for each item you make. You do beautiful and quality work. Beside the point is no matter who we are or what we make or order, we are the customer and they are the business. Every order they send to a customer should be handled with love and care no matter what type of business or product is being packaged.

    A thought just ac-cured to me.....I have spent a lot of time and money buying products I need (and want, LOL!) on ebay and Amazon. On ebay the sellers are very conscious about anything they could possibly do negatively to a customer. The are quick with shipping (unless they are out of the country) and often free shipping. I have had them email me to check to see if I am satisfied with my order and they love to have a good rating. You might want to investigate this.

    I have shopped (also for beads) in the past and don't remember (It has been a long time ago) how the packaging was done, but I am sure I would have noticed what you received.

    My goodness darlin, I would be upset too! Try to keep in mind and rant away, but this might have just been one foolish person that did this horrible job and not the whole company. I definitely would contact the President of the company and let them know in no certain terms the frustration about this though. They need to know what their shipping department is up to.

    I do hope that they will resend all items again and let you keep the tangled mess too!

    I and many other know that you don't rant and this is a much deserved one. We would all like to know the out come of this issue. Big hugs, Lori

  19. Hi Heidi, Me again! I thought I would share this with you and your followers that see it.

    On Sundays Blitsy has big sales of up to 40% off (today) Their site is also a daily discount site for tons of crafting items, including beads, strands, charms and other accessories for jewelry, as well as cardmaking and scrapbooking.

    If you join, please us the link I have provided above, as I will get credit for it. Thanks and good luck.

  20. p.s. I am not related to Blitsy in any way. Just sharing with my fellow crafters.

  21. hi Heidi,
    me again, on a comical note: I did notice on empty bag # 1 it actually says to empty the bag of its contents... apparently the person(s) filling your order were just reading the instructions! and then it looks like they did a little dance in the box. good luck!

  22. I think you did right to post this this on the web. Maybe companies will realize they are not just dealing with ONE irate customer but that this customer can influence a lot of other potential customers. They should have, at least, put every different item in a plastic bag and used bubble wrap. I would definitely try to reach the president of the company because they might have no idea how that particular part of of the company works. Then they wonder why their company isn't doing well financially. They should all have to do "Undercover Boss". I would certainly expect a complete refund. Good luck, & keep us posted as to how it is resolved. They should reimburse you for the aggravation & time with dealing with it all. It took you a long time to place that large order plus all the time after getting it & dealing w CS.

  23. and the store are not the same company, but the customer service is nice. It took them awhile to give me my money back when they sent me the wrong bracelet mold.

  24. Heidi, you are not alone. I have ordered from Joann's as well and been very disappointed. Not only is their packaging horrible, but I couldn't believe how long it took to get my products. Now if I am interested in anything from them, I just try to find it in store, but never order on-line from them. You have every right to be upset. If it were me, I would have bundled it right back and sent it back to them in the same condition and let them be as fustrated on their end putting it back into stock. Oh, and the package would include a rather nasty note!!!!!!!

  25. Unbelievable! I guess I am lucky - have ordered only a few times from them and it went okay. But, I just can't believe your order. Maybe an angry worker? Please let us know what you find out - we may all need to send them a comment.

  26. Heidi,
    I have been follow you a long time & never have I seen such a mess.

    I have order some things from them &never been please but never such a mess as you have.

    Please let us know what happens.


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