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B'sue Boutique Creative Group on Facebook - Work Table Wednesday & Finished Up Friday

Hello blogging friends!  Today, I have something a little different to share with you.  Awhile back I was looking around on YouTube and I happened to come across a YT channel with fantastic videos all about jewelry--from coloring metals to assemblage.  As a lot of you know I have been making jewelry for several years, probably close to twenty years now.  I started out making earrings and made brooches with Friendly Plastic and then I moved on to Clay.  I can remember some of the first clay pieces I made I wanted certain colors that weren't even available at that time so I was painting the clay jewelry with fingernail polish LOL!  So I have dabbled in several things over the years.  Even though I don't post a ton of jewelry here on my blog I love to make jewelry.  I am pretty much self taught.  I have only taken one beading class and for the most part I make what I like or what looks good to me.  So I was thrilled to find B'sue Boutiques on YT.  The videos are amazing and they are like a private little class right in the comfort of your own home.  You could even watch the videos in your PJ's if you want LOL!  Not only are the videos great and filled with so much information but Brenda Sue is so funny too!  She is amazingly talented and so willing to share what she knows with jewelry design and she keeps it real--gotta love that!  I found out that B'sue Boutiques has a wonderful Facebook group--B'sue Boutiques Creative Group.  It's a closed group so you have to request an invite.  The group is FILLED with talent that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!  Everyone is so very talented and the best part they are all so nice and helpful.  You can click HERE for a link to the FB Group and click HERE for the Online Store and one more--click HERE for the YT Channel. 

A couple of weeks ago some of the ladies started a challenge in the FB group--Work Table Wednesday--Finished Up Friday.  So here is the deal on Wednesday you take a picture of what is on your work table or unfinished projects that you need to work on and you post the picture to the group.  Then you have from Wednesday to Friday to get your projects done.  When you have your projects done then you post pictures of your finished pieces to the group.  it is a great challenge to get you jump started and finishing up some projects.  PLUS everyone who finishes their projects gets put into a drawing for the online store--how cool is that!

So now that I have rambled on would you like to see what was on my Work Table Wednesday?

I don't have a very big work table so these haven't just been laying out on my table but I do have a container full of unfinished jewelry pieces.  This is a mix of several things--pieces from B'sue Boutiques, ButterBeeScraps, Spellbinders--A Gilded Life and Media Mixáge with ICE Resin, and some vintage keys.  Some of these pieces have only been done for a few days while others have been sitting around unfinished for several months.  This is just the challenge I need LOL!!

This piece here would be one that I started a few months ago.  

I have also had these tulip bead caps for several months!

So my goal was to finish up the filigree piece with the little bird and flowers and turn it into a necklace and I wanted to make earring with the tulip bead caps.

I had until Friday to complete the projects.


Ok, jump ahead to Friday and WOW I actually finished both pieces!!  I was sliding in at the last minute but I finished them!!  :)

So here are a few pictures from my Finished Up Friday.

The little charm with the bird and flowers is from B'sue Boutiques.  The flower filigree pieces and the Spectra (pink) beads are also from B'sue.  The blue oval shape filigree, bronze ball headpins, chain, jump rings, and AB flat back crystals are all from Butterbeescraps. The white flat back pearls are from Em's Emporium.  Last but not least the pink crystal beads, white pearls, and clasp are from my stash.  Before assembling the filigree pieces and the bird charm I spray each piece with a flat white paint.  Then I painted the pieces with acrylic pain, buffed with steel wool and sealed them with Crystal Clear Krylon Semi-Gloss spray.  I used E6000 to assemble the pieces.  This is a technique that I learned from watching one of the B'sue Boutiques videos.  You can click HERE for the video.  I just changed it up a bit and used some different colors.

I have to say I LOVE how these earrings turned out!  For the earrings I used tulip bead caps and Spectra (aqua) beads from B'sue Boutiques.  The two bronze bead caps and bronze ball headpins are from Butterbeescraps. The clear crystal beads, frosted acrylic flower bead caps, bronze flower spacers, and french hooks are from my stash.  I used Patina Rub-n-Buff on the tulip bead caps and then I used steel wool to buff them until I achieved the look I wanted. 



Once last thing before I go today.  I want to let all of you know that I am going to be opening an online store very soon.  Well, I actually have the store already I just need to fill it with goodies.  :)  I will be selling a variety of my handmade items such as cards, jewelry, small home decor pieces, stickpins and embellishments.  As soon as I have everything ready to go I will post here and on Facebook.  It's a lot of work but I am excited to get it up and going!


Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs & Smiles,


  1. That necklace is beyond stunning! Best wishes to you as you get your store going!!!

  2. Those are absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry Heidi. Can't wait to see all your goodies in your store! TFS

  3. Hi Heidi! The two pieces are gorgeous! However, my favorite is the set of earrings! I REALLY like the patina on the bud pieces! Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your "store"!

  4. This necklace would have gone perfectly with a vintagey flowery dress I had a few years back. It is stunning! It is the prettiest necklace I have seen in a long long time of this genre. Congratulations on your new online store!

  5. Oh boy! Stunning! So many little pieces make up that beautiful jewelry! Nicely done and yes keep us informed about this new store! Congratulations!

  6. These are beautiful! Such a gorgeous design on the necklace and earrings.

  7. wonderful creations Heidi. and cograts on the online store.

  8. Gorgeous pieces! I am Soooo excited to see and purchase from your on line store, congratulations, I am looking forward to the opening!

  9. as always your creations are stunning- good luck with your store it will be a great success

  10. I love B'sue Boutique. I have been a fan of Sue's for a while now, and love her videos. She is as gracious with her talents, just like you :)
    Your jewelry is as gorgeous as your cards. Can't wait to see your shop! Thanks so much!


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