Sunday, February 23, 2014

So Proud!!! Science Fair 2014

Hello everyone!  I have a quick post today--just had to share.  Yesterday was the Science Fair and Evan took home a trophy!!  So very proud of him!!  ;-)

His science project was--Which Laundry Soap Works The Best?
He tested four kinds of laundry soap--Tide, All, Purex, and Xtra.  He had small white t-shirts and put a variety of things on them to create stains (ketchup, mustard, baby food (peas), grape juice, coffee, marker) and then scrubbed and washed each t-shirt to see which would remove the stains the best.  
Tide was the Winner!
All and Purex were pretty close and Xtra was the worst at removing the stains.  Evan also did a lot of research and reading on how soap actually works.  He said he was very surprised to find out soap was so scientific!  ;-)

Thanks so much for letting me share and for stopping by today!

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  1. Way to go Evan, and big CONGRATULATIONS with the trophy, that is so cool, and you really did an awesome job with this expiriment here, that´s for sure, and your trophy is so welldeserved for all the hard work, you put into this, and I can definitely see, why you´re such a proud mum Heidi, I would´ve been too, that´s for sure. You have a very clever son, and sooo great, they actually learn something about how our everyday things actually works too, and I´m sure he learned a lot from this. Thumbs up for you Evan, you´re a realy great student.

  2. Way to go Evan. I think I'll give Tide a try next time.

  3. Congrats to Evan, it is great to have participated in the Fair. It really encourage kids to think, to explore and of course to achieve.
    Keep up the work, it is just the beginning of the adventure.

  4. Awesome! Congrats to Evan! Sounds like his trophy was well deserved! What a cool project ... and good info! Thanks Evan!!


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