Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Little Bit of This & That--Scrapbook Adhesves by 3L Packaging -Science Fair - Goodies from my Aunt Gail

Good morning blogging friends! I am so happy to see the sun shinning bright today! Yesterday was very cloudy and gloomy and kind of cool compared to the day before when it actually got up to 69 degrees!! It was wonderful--I even opened the windows.

Today, my post is going to be a little different with some fun things to share. A few month ago I was contacted by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™ and I was asked about using a piece of my artwork for some packaging. Pretty Exciting! The New Product Dodz™ was released at CHA and now I can share a picture of the packaging.

See the pretty little flower--that's mine! ;-)

Here is a close up of the package.

The Dodz are a 3D Glue Dot that will add dimension to your crafting projects. They come 100 Dodz to a package--click HERE for more details!

This past weekend was the Science Fair. Our youngest son has been busy working on his project and board for the past few weeks (with some help from mom & dad). This year his project was--Are Permanent Markers Really Permanent?

He did a Fantastic Job and we are so proud of him!!

Conclusion--Yes for the most part permanent markers really are permanent except on glass, we were able to remove almost all of the markers from glass. The blue and green colors are easier to remove and hand sanitizer works the best to remove the ink.

He got a Blue Ribbon!! Proud mommy moment--just had to share!!

Ok, the next thing I have to share is some goodies from my aunt Gail. My aunt Gail does paper crafting and she also crochets--very talented!! I know I have received emails from several readers in the past asking if Gail has a blog and no she does not. But sometimes I get to show her creations here and all of the pretty little crochet flowers that I use for embellishment---you guessed it she makes those. I know I am very lucky!! Wait till you see the beauties I got from her the other day!!

Check this out! It's a vintage needle book and it still has a lot of the needles in it. Down in the bottom corner it doe say Japan but there is no date--wish I knew how old this was! I love the image!!

Here is the inside of the needle book.

Look at this beautiful crochet lace trim--OMGosh it's SO pretty!! It came from an old pillow case. Love the blue edging!

Vintage buttons--LOVE!!!

Black pom-pom trim. So many goodies it's like Christmas--LOL!

Now for Gail's creations...

A rainbow flower, a piece of lace trim and a fan shape--might use this piece for wings--can't wait to play!

How beautiful are these crosses? LOVE them!! So, so pretty!!

Check out these little beauties! I can't wait to use these crosses on projects--they will be great for so many things! A HUGE Thank You to my aunt Gail--I love it all!!!

So today's post was a little different but thanks for letting me share. Now I have to get busy--lots of projects to make in the next few day. Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a Happy & Creative day!!

Hugs & Smiles,


  1. Your aunt needs adopted!!!! These are so pretty! Evan is such a cutie. He did such a great job. Look how proud he looks with his ribbon. You go girl on the packaging! Now that just solidifies the fact you are HFB!

  2. Congrats on the packaging photo-how fun to see something you made used
    Proud Momma-its a good thing
    Love the Aunty shares, those are some great goodies, especially love her crochet work-so delicate

  3. First a biiig CONGRATULATION with the use of your flower on the package of gluedots and next with having such an awesome aunt, who makes you such gorgeous things. they´re really awesome, and I can think of qquite a few projects, thtey would be just perfect for, so if you ever get tired of her or her of you, I´ll be more than happy to take over he he he.

  4. Hi Heidi....such lovely vintage goodies....your aunt is a sweetheart! So glad you are hangin out at TRC this month! cherry

  5. Wanted to share with you that I love your blog!!! So I added it to my huge list of blogs that I enjoy reading!! Find the link here:

    Stay crafty and thank you so much for your inspiration!!!

    Angela Holt
    The Bling Theory

  6. Japan on Aunt Gale's Needles probably is about 1942. I have 3 of my Mother's similar to this and treasure them immensely! Somewhere I have written down the
    years when items had to be labeled with and they were all in the early 40's...I believe Occupied was 1945. "Occupied Japan", "Japan" and "Japan" on paper stickers. Nelda
    neldamc 765@ (w/o spaces)

  7. So much good news! Congrats on your flower being used on the Dotz packaging.

    Oh, the days of school fairs. Congratulations to your son. That part brought back memories of my school days and all the social studies fairs I entered (& won). I bet your son was just as happy and proud as I used to be.

    What a wonderful aunt you have! So talented and generous. I would hazard a guess and say the needles could be from before Japan entered WWII or are from the early to mid 50's, after the occupation. I have several needles cases like that and love and treasure them.


  8. What a beautiful use of ribbons, etc.

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