Friday, February 19, 2010

The Great Crafter's Tool Hunt 2 --Go & Vote!!

When Creativity Knocks' is on the look out for the Great Crafter's Tool Hunt 2™!! Spellbinders™ Presto Punch™ is in the running for Whose Tool Will Rule? so please click HERE to visit When Creativity Knocks' and vote for the Spellbinders™ Presto Punch™ System! One lucky entrant could win all the tools in the contest!! Click HERE to see a video.

Hope you have a Fantastic Weekend!!

Hugs & Smiles,


  1. Heidi, This site has me so frustrated! I joined days ago and am not able to log in because of this Captcha #. I have entered it in every form I could possible think of! Can you tell me what specifically they want you to enter to get logged in. I have entered the whole equation, just the answer and keep getting told that My captcha is invalid. Driving me is! Help!
    Hugs Lori Reinholz
    stamper572000 at yahoo dot com


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