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NEW Technique - Wax Resist, Spellbinders™ Style!

I am so excited to be sharing a New Spellbinders™ Technique with you today! Before I get started I want to let you know how I came up with the idea for this technique. I don't know if you have heard this before or not but sometimes when making a die cut the cardstock can really stick in the die template and if this happens Spellbinders™ recommends placing a piece of wax paper in between the die template and the cardstock and then your die cut will pop right out from the die template. If you haven't heard this before it's a great little tip!

I was making some pendant die cuts one day and I had several pieces of wax paper die cuts, they were so pretty I didn't want to throw them away. Being a paper crafter you can't ever throw anything away! *wink* I started trying to think of things I could do with the wax paper die cuts. Then I remembered doing a technique about 15 years ago where you crumple up wax paper and iron on top of cardstock creating a resist. Hmmm... That really had me thinking and wondering if I could do the same thing with wax paper die cuts and the answer is Yes!!

If you like to play with die cuts, the iron (only for crafty purposes-LOL!) and inks then this is a perfect tutorial for you! If you don't like getting messy with the inks you can also do this technique on solid colored cardstock creating a watermark effect.

The New Technique is called "Wax Resist, Spellbinders Style!"

Here is the card I created using the Wax Resist.Tutorial~Step 1: Start with a large piece of wax paper and fold in half and then in half again. (So it's quartered) This is nice if you want to make multiples and have extra pieces to play around with this technique.Cutting Sandwich (Stack from the bottom)
1. White Master Mat
2. Magnetic Spacer Plate
3. Pendants Die Template, cut ridges up---Lattice Pendants S4-210 die template
4. Wax Paper
5. White Master Mat
6. Run through the Wizard machine.Embossing Sandwich (Stack from the bottom)
1. White Master Mat
2. Pendants Die Template, with the paper in place and the cut ridges up---Lattice Pendants S4-210 die template
3. Tan Embossing Mat
4. White Master Mat
5. Run through the Wizard machine

Step 2: Cut/Emboss * You don't have to emboss but it will show more of the detail in the resist.Step 3: Before removing the wax paper, use a paper piercer, stylus, or even a toothpick will work to pop out the drop out pieces from the die cut.Step 4: Remove the wax paper from the die template. Carefully separate the pieces. The reason you have to be very careful with this step is because any creases you might get in the wax paper with show up in the resist. Step 5: Set the iron to the hottest temperature without having steam, lay wax paper die cut with the embossed side face down onto the cardstock, place paper towel on top and iron about 30-45 seconds being careful not to move the paper.
***You can use the paper of your choice to do the Wax Resist. On the card I created I used white glossy cardstock but it will also work on regular white cardstock. If you use regular white cardstock the colors of ink will be a little more intense because the paper has more fibers to absorb the ink. You can also use a solid colored cardstock for the Wax Resist and you will have a watermark effect. I know it's a little hard to see in the picture but after you are done ironing your cardstock should look like the one pictured above. You can see a light pattern from the wax paper.Step 6:In this next step you will be applying ink to the cardstock. I like to use cotton balls to apply the ink. Ink up the cotton ball, in a circular motion rub off some of the ink on your scratch paper until it is a shade you like. Then apply the ink to the cardstock, remember to work in a circular motion, this will help for blending and smoothing out the ink. Use 2-3 colors of ink, layering them to add more depth. For my card I started with Ranger Distress Ink Broken China (Blue). When you are applying the ink leave some open space for the other colors. Next I applied Ranger Distress Ink Vintage Photo. Heat setting the wax paper die cuts into the cardstock creates a resist and then when ink is applied the resist really pops! If you don't have distress inks you can use other inks too. In the picture above the Wax Resist, Spellbinders Style was done on glossy cardstock on the left and regular white cardstock on the right. Here is another picture with a piece of solid color cardstock (sorry, it's a little hard to get a good picture) so you can see the watermark effect.Take another look at the finished card.

Here's a few samples using different die cuts to do the Wax Resist, Spellbinders™ Style!Create A Flake Two S4-223On The Vine Border Grand S7-017Fleur De Lis Pendants S4-204Close up of On The Vine Border Grand S7-017 and Fleur De Lis Pendants S4-204

Supplies~ (for the finished card)
Stamps~Taylored Expressions-Whimsical Wishes Branching Out, My Mind's Eye-Laundry Line Flirty "Lil Girl"
Paper~My Mind's Eye-Laundry Line Natural "Encourage" Proud Print Paper, , The Paper Company-White, Brown Cardstock, WorldWin-White Glossy
Ink~Ranger-Distress Ink Vintage Photo (Brown), Broken China (Blue), Tsukineko-Memento Rich Cocoa Ink,
Other~Spellbinders-Wizard, Lattice Pendants S4-210, Fancy Tags S4-235 Die Templates, 3L Scrapbook Adhesives-White 3D Foam Squares, Beacon Adhesives-3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue, My Mind's Eye-Laundry Line Sundress "Sweetness" Rub-ons, Wax Paper, Paper Towels, Iron, Cotton Balls

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will give the New Technique--Wax Resist, Spellbinders Style a try! I would love to hear what you think about the technique and if you do give it a try please leave a comment with a link to your project--I would love to see it!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!



  1. OMG Heidi you are so awesome !!
    I have been trying to do something like this ever scene I saw it done on GinaK Stamp TV!! I have to say you made this look so much easier.
    Go figure another thing to add to the long list of things to do with the Dies This resist looks amazing:)
    I am going to have to try this.
    Heidi is the BOMB. You need to do this on youtube:) or video!!

  2. Heidi, this is beautiful!!
    Can't wait to play and have some fun with this :)
    Thanks for another great idea! xo

  3. SHUT UP!!!! You my dear are pure genious!!!! Absolutely WOW!!!!! You can't tell I love this can you? ;)

  4. OMGoodness is RIGHT...I can not believe this is frickin brilliant!!! And all the steps you did to show the various ways and colors and such...seriously, amazing!!!

  5. I am so not worthy!!!! You are AMAZING girl!! LOVE this technique and your project is just beautiful!!

  6. Love this technique!
    Great project!

  7. Heidi this is so cool and a technique I'll definitely try! I love the results you achieved . . . GORGEOUS!!!!!

  8. What a wonderful idea, Heidi! I'll definitely be trying this!

  9. whoooo-hooo I LOVE this technique - you are super amazing :)

  10. Very clever Heidi! LOVE this card. It's gorgeous. Great technique.

  11. Wow, wow, wow! Gorgeous results from your brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Hugs,

  12. OMGosh Heidi that is AMAZING!! You are sooooooo clever!!! Your card is absolutely gorgeous!!! Guess I'll be looking for wax paper next time I go to the supermarket!!! :)

  13. Heidi, what a wonderful technique you have shown us. I love it!
    Great job.

  14. What a great idea! Love it! I've done the cuttlebug resist, but this goes to a whole new level!

  15. You are simply AMAZING my friend!! Now why didn't I think of this, LOL!! Absolutely beautiful creations! Well done! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Can't wait to try it with
    snowflakes! Thanks so much
    for sharing this!

  17. Great Idea!!! I didn't know about using wax paper to help with your Spellbinders - TWO, two tips in ONE. I will be trying both, SOON! TFS

  18. Oh, what a fabulous idea! I'll have to try this for sure. Did you know that instead of the paper towel, you should be able to use a 2nd piece of cardstock and get two pieces instead of just one from the same waxed paper die cut?

  19. wow, I might have to give those template a second look. what a great idea and a really stunning result. thanks

  20. i love these cards. you always do such beautiful work. :) i only use my iron for crafting reasons, too. LOL what else is it for? by the way, thanks for the addiction to the my hubby's not going to be happy. LOL

  21. Awesome! Your tutorial is so clear, your project so beautiful, and what fun to play with our inks!

  22. Wow!!! This is a really cool technique! Thanks so much for the tutorial Heidi.

  23. Heidi,

    YOU ARE AMAZING GIRLFRIEND!!!! You always make my jaw drop to my it, love it, love it!!! i can't wait to try this....amazing!!!!! Terre

  24. Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards,
    love the flower & the layout is great!


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