Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank You!!!

Hello! It seems like forever since I have done a blog post with some artwork, and I am sure you are agreeing with me. *wink* Thank you so much for your understanding!! I also want to thank you for all of the wonderful comments, well wishes and prayers for my MIL and our family. We have very deeply appreciated it. I am doing much better but still have a little bit of a cold and cough. But everyone I talk to who has been sick has said the cough lingers on for weeks. My MIL is still in the hospital, it has really been up and down. The doctors have said they have done everything they can for her and now a lot of it just depends on if her body is strong enough to pull through this. So thank you for your prayers!! My husband came back home on Monday, I know this has been very hard on him and it's hard to be so far apart.

I just wanted to let you know to please be sure and stop back tomorrow as I will be doing a post with some really artwork. LOL! Crafty Secrets Design Team is having a Blog Hop tomorrow and I can't wait to see what all of the girls have created!

Thank you again for all of your understanding, support and prayers!!


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  1. Heidi I am so sorry that you have been through such a terrible time and thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.


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