Friday, October 2, 2009

Spellbinders™ Wizard™ and Tattered Angels Glimmer Screens together create an Amazing Embossed Background

This past July while I was at CHA in Orlando, Florida Spellbinders and Tattered Angels booths were right next to each other and in conversations the wonderful ladies with Tattered Angels told us about using their Glimmer Screens in the Wizard to create Beautiful embossed backgrounds and we were all sooooo excited!! Who doesn't love a new technique! *wink* A couple of days ago I posted the card shown below and today I am going to show you how I created the tree in the background.If you would like to find out more details about this card you can click HERE to see the post.

To create background you will need a Wizard, die cutting and embossing system along with the White Master Mats (2 of them) and a Tan Embossing Mat (1) from Spellbinders, Glimmer Screens and Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels and something to hold the Glimmer Screen in place, like a paper piercing tool or a stylus and some kleenex. You will also want to lay down some scrap paper to cover your work area or a mat for easy clean up. **Just a Note--when you purchase the Wizard you will also receive 2 White Master Mats and a Tan Embossing Mat with the machine.

Step 1
Create a sandwich using the mats as shown in the picture below.

White Master Mat
Glimmer Screen
Tan Embossing Mat
White Master Mat
Then run the mats through the Wizard.

Once the mats have been run through the Wizard this is what the backside (side that was face down on top of the Glimmer Screen) will look like. The Glimmer Screen that I used to for this project is from the Blossom set. The set includes a tree, branch and a floral flourish.You can see from the picture the deep impression (debossed area) created in the cardstock. The Wizard has over 3000 lbs of pressure--Yes, I did say over 3000 lbs!! With all of that pressure is gives the Wizard the unique ability to leave such and amazing and detailed impression.

Step 2
Turn over the cardstock so the embossed tree is facing up. Place the Glimmer Screen on top of the embossed tree making sure to carefully line them up. Use a paper piercing tool or a stylus to hold the Glimmer Screen in place. Then lightly mist over the cardstock with Glimmer Mist. For my card I used Raven, Haunted Shadow and Marshmallow Glimmer Mist.Step 3
Carefully remove the Glimmer Screen. I let the cardstock sit for a few second and then I place a kleenex on top of the cardstock and just lightly press down on the cardstock. Doing this helps to create a very soft and smooth finish. Since the fibers in the paper have become a little damp from the Glimmer Mist the embossing loses a little bit of the crispness and the paper my also be a little wavy.

To get the crisp emboss back into the cardstock you will turn the cardstok over to the backside and line up the Glimmer Screen. Holding the Glimmer Screen in place lay it facing down onto the White Master Mat, place a finger on the top side to hold it in place and then add the Tan Embossing Mat and White Master Mat. You are basically lining up the mats the same way as in Step #1 but you will need to line up the Glimmer Screen and then run the mats through the Wizard again. Remember that 3000 lbs of pressure I told you about? Well, it will not only leave a crisp emboss the second time through the Wizard but do you see how nice and smooth the other areas of the cardstock are--no more wavy paper! Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! :) I know for myself I love trying new technique and it's always an extra bonus when I can get the most out of products and be able to use them in several different ways.

Don't forget to check out the websites and blogs for both companies, I'm sure you will find many creative ideas to inspire you!!

Spellbinders Paper Arts Website
Inspiration Alley
Spellbinders Blog
Tattered Angels Website
Tattered Angels Blog

I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!! Don't forget tomorrow is World Card Making Day--I hope you can all enjoy some creative time!



  1. NO Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed this! It is too flippin cool and I must try it!!!

  2. WOW ... you are so clever! Thanks for sharing this with us! Awesome!

  3. I am so glad you posted this because I have this very screen and many of the Tattered Angels Glimmer mists but didn't really know how to put it all together. I will definitely use this now!
    Thanks a million!

  4. I love this technique! I am going to try it with my snowflake glimmer screen! Too cool. You are so clever.

  5. Very Net I like how that came out.
    My wheels are turning now :)

  6. Heidi, what a great project and a wonderful tutorial. I want to try this! Yea for you!

  7. Heidi...such a cool technique and a great card!! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  8. Wonderful technique!
    Love the result.
    always looking for new ways to use my Spellbingders and Tattered Angels!
    thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow, thanks for sharing another technique I can try on my Wizard! I love the card, the ghosts have so much movement in them! ~Diane

  10. Wow that is awesome, I love the technique. thanks for showing this.

  11. Perfect!!! I was just thinking today I need to find something more to do with the screens! Thank you for the tutorial! Terrific idea!!!!

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  13. this is a cool technique, i love the idea :-)

  14. GREAT technique ---- want to try this! Thanks Heidi!

  15. Thanks for sharing this Technique.
    I don't have a wizard but will try it with my cuttlebug or Big shot.
    It sure is amazing.

  16. This is awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial! I can even do this.

  17. I can't wait to try this! It is going to be so much fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Wow, that looks great. Would never have though to put the screens thru the Wiz. TFS

  19. Love that tree. Your project is just amazing. Great job. Sure hope you're feeling better. Take care!


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