Friday, October 19, 2007

You Make Me SMILE!

Wow!! What a fun award!! I have to say a special THANK YOU to my newest bloggin' buddy Corie, she nominated me for the You Make Me Smile Award!! Corie makes me smile too!! You have to check out her blog--she does some amazing design work!!
So now it's time for me to nominate 5 ladies that make me SMILE! The first lady I am going to nominate is Ema, she makes me laugh & smile all the time! Ema & I met a little over a year ago when we were on a Design Team together & we have been great friends ever since. She just recently started her blog. You have to check it out! She has some really funny post & wonderful design work--check out the post about the can opener!! LOL!! *wink* Next is another very sweet friend Renee we met on a MB some time ago and have become really great friends. You'll have to check out her blog, she makes wonderful PBA's!! Do you like Photography? If so you will have to check out Deb's Blog! Deb also just recently started her blog and has been busy posting her beautiful photography. Jessica is another wonderful artist! I say artist because Jessica is so creative & loves all forms of art. She is stamper, bead maker & loves photography just to name a few! Sue makes me smile! I love looking at her blog! She is always busy creating wonderful designs!

I hope all of you ladies will play along! Now it's your turn to nominate 5 ladies that make you smile!

Thanks so much for stopping by & checking out my blog! I hope all of know how much I appreciate your wonderful comments & I also love checking out all of your blogs!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Wow, thanks Heidi! I never knew how you felt! *blush* LOL! Thanks for the nomination. I'll have to get busy and think of a few I'd like to nominate for such a prestigious blog award! ;)

  2. Wow Heidi, Thank you!!!I'm honored and pleased to know I make you smile.

  3. Heidi,

    Thank you so much! What a blessing it is to know you. I'll be thinking of my 5 and nominating them soon. Keep up the great work with your designs. :D


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