Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monty Python's SPAMALOT

On Sunday after church Eric and I took off for the cities to go and see Monty Python's SPAMALOT!! Eric was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky people to receive FREE tickets to the Broadway Play!! For those of you who might not know, my DH (Eric) is a Supervisor at Hormel. Hormel bought out the show for the day!!! Before the play Hormel had a picnic lunch in Rice Park (right across from the Ordway) and severed--you guessed it SPAM Burgers--they were very yummy!

The play was preformed at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. It is so beautiful in there!
We had great seats!! We were in the 5th row from the stage!! I haven't ever seem Monty Python and the Holy Grail (I know you can't believe that, right!? I must be one of the few!!), so I wasn't too sure what I was in for. But I have to say we have now rented the DVD and will be watching it very soon!! As for the play OMG I have never laughed so much!! It was sooooooo Hilarious!!! The acting, singing, costumes it was all so wonderful!! Thanks so much to Hormel for a wonderful day!!


  1. Your FIRST MP experience????? No way. Glad you enjoyed it, and what could be better than free?

    In college, my friends and I would host Monty Python-a-thons, and watch every episode of the old british shows. We even performed a few of their skits every year at the talent show--and we were ALWAYS the hit! I have a few cds too. The holy grail on CD is great for car rides, and so is another one of their skit collections. You can't help but crack up!

  2. Free Monty Pythonand SPAM burgers?? Sounds like fun! And you will love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, it's hilarious!


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