Saturday, August 11, 2007

A few more vacation pictures

This is one of the outdoor water parks. They have yogi's picnic splash, the beach, pool for basketball, two reg pools, kids pool, hot tubs, wave pool and the lazy river.
This is a view of the lake where you can do the paddle boats. The Lodge is to the left and the villas are in the background.
The Skate Park. It is the largest outdoor SK8 Park in the state of WI.
Evan kick'n back in the pool.
This is at the Yogi's Picnic Splash. There is a picnic basket that dumps water every 5 minutes and the kids run to get under it when they hear the horn.
Dusty keeping the camp fire going.
Evan coming down the water slide.
I know this picture is really dark. We went to this place that was right across the road called Craze and they had a bunch of fun stuff to do there. One of the things was black light mini golf. The theme was underwater adventure. It was really cool inside there!! This is a picture of the big ship in there, the boys are standing in front of it.
Eric making breakfast for us all. He also made bacon and eggs. Yummy!
This was the beautiful view we had every morning from the deck of our cabin.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you enjoy all of the pictures!!


  1. looks like everyone had a great time! thanks for sharing the photos heidi, I love seeing all the smiles!

  2. You got some great shots! TFS!

  3. You looked like you had SO much fun!!!!

    Kelli D

  4. It does look like you had fun! Can I come with you next time? :)


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