Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Once again it's been a few days since my last post. I have wanted to get on here and post something for several days but we were moving some stuff around with the computer and then we were having problems with it having a strong enough internet connection. Every time I would get on the computer to try and do anything I would lose the connection. But I think that Eric has the problem taken care of now. *crossing fingers*

We have had so many things going on here and I can't wait to tell you all about the latest! I just might have to break this down into a few posts. So I am going to go back a little over a week ago and then work my way up to the current stuff.
My first bit of news is that Evan graduated from preschool!! We are so proud of him and he was so excited!! They put on the cutest program for all of the parents and they had a little stand to get up on and receive their diploma. All of the kids were asked to bring a white mens dress shirt with them the day of graduation and then they put them on backwards, buttoned then up and rolled up the sleeves and that was their graduation gown, they all looked so cute!! They also made little caps for all of the kids and each one of the kids had a scrapbook that was all about them and what they had done through out the year. Now Evan is very excited about going to Kindergarten and keeps asking when he gets to start!

Our oldest turned 14!! Wow I can't believe it, where has the time gone!! He really lucked out, for his birthday he had a really long weekend!! They had a teachers workshop and so there was no school on Friday and Monday. On Friday night he had one of his friends stay overnight, they hung out at the skate park, played video games and chowed down on the snacks. Then on Saturday he had some friends come over and they went to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, came back here and hung out playing video games and we grilled out and had cake and ice cream. Later that night after the kids had all went home then my Mom and Dad came over for cake and ice cream. Dusty was happy with his big BDay present, he got a new skate board, a Sheckler one! His nickname that his friends have given him is Sheckler. He loves Ryan Sheckler who is a pro skateboarder and Dusty also looks somewhat like him. Crazy Teenagers! LOL!!
I also have some really exciting things to share with all of you as far as stamping goes but I am going to put that in the next post. I will say this I got a really, really sweet package in that mail with some wonderful stamping goodies in it!!! Can't wait to share all about it with you!!

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