Sunday, June 10, 2007

Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) Club

Well I have to say this is a new experience for me. Yes I know you're thinking where have I been? LOL! Believe it or not up until not too long ago I had never made an ATC! *gasp* I know a few people that make them and I have even received some really awesome ATC's from some of my online friends. Not too long ago I was at the LSS and Karen (owner) told me that they were starting up an ATC Club and was wondering if I would like to join. She also said that some of the local artists from the Art Center were going to be joining the club too. So I thought what the heck this would be a great way to get into doing them and with so many talented local people how could I go wrong!! I was right!! I have been having a lot of fun doing the ATC's!! I love to see how many different techniques and embellishments and mediums can be put onto such a tiny little card. What a fun challenge!!

Here is my very 1st ATC!!
I loved getting my little envy filled with so many wonderful ATC's!! This is going to be a great way to get a collection going!! Each month we have a theme and for the month of May is was Serenity. It is so exciting to see all of the different and unique styles of design. When I first seen these I thought --Oh I have to post them to my blog and share them with all of my online friends!! So I sent out emails and asked if it would be okay to post. Here are the ATC's from some of the ladies in the club.

Karen--The Stamp Studio (owner)




So what do you think? I think they all turned out sooooo wonderful!! I can't wait to see what everyone is doing for June! Our theme for June is Flowers.


  1. AWESOME work as usual! Love everything you posted! Happy bday Dusty and Congrats to Evan! I can't believe how big our kids are getting! It was great talking with you again! Sami LOVED her graduation card! THANKS!

  2. Hey Kelli!
    Thanks so much for posting!! It was so great to talk to you and get to spend some time with you! I know I can't believe how big all of the kids are getting either! Where has the time gone!? So glad to here that Sami loved her card! When I was designing it it was just screaming this is a Sami card to me! LOL!!
    Take care and talk to you soon!!

  3. Love these, Heidi! i was thinking of hosting an ATC swap over at AH sometime. i haven't made any before, either. Great job!

  4. Hey Jess!
    Thanks you so much! Having an ATC swap sounds like a great idea!! They are really fun to make!


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