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U-Paint Metal Crafts - Acanthus Leaf Scroll Cuff Bracelet with Tutorial

Hello everyone!  Today, I am excited to share my first U-Paint Metal Crafts® project with you.   If you are not familiar with UPMC I encourage you to visit their website.  They have over 300 U-Paint Metal Craft Kits to choose from.  The metal pieces are designed for all Designers, Artists, Makers, DIY Crafters/Hobbyists. The detail on the designs is amazing! The metal pieces can be used for mixed media, home decor, altered art, and even jewelry.  If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know I love to design jewelry.  So it shouldn't be any surprise that my first project is a jewelry piece--and I have to say I love how it turned out!  I also have a step-by-step tutorial to share with you.

Here is a look at the cuff bracelet I designed using a piece of the Acanthus Leaf Scroll Brass Deco - Trim U-Paint Metal Crafts®.  This leaf scroll design is so beautiful!
All supplies are listed and linked below.  :)

1)  To start, cut a piece of the Acanthus Leaf Scroll Brass Deco - Trim to the desired length.  The length will depend on the size of bracelet you would like to make.

2)  Using a metal file smooth the edges on each end of the metal trim piece.

3)  Then wash the metal piece with warm soap and water to remove any dust and oil.

4)  Using a Vintaj™ Filigree Shaping Pliers bend and shape the piece of metal trim to form the shape of the cuff bracelet. 

5)  Use Krylon© White Matte Spray Paint to paint all sides of the bracelet.  Be sure to paint the edges too.  The backside of the bracelet will feel a little rough at first but with a couple coats of paint it smooths out.

6)  Using a sponge apply Tonic Studios© NUVO® Embellishment Mousse, 822N Pacific Teal and 807N Aquamarine.  If you haven't used the embellishment mousse before it is very easy to work with. It is smooth and creamy--kind of like whipped butter.  For the best coverage pounce the sponge onto the bracelet instead of trying to wipe it on.

7)  Set aside to dry or use a heat tool to speed up the drying time.  If you use a heat tool please be careful as the metal will become very hot.  So allow the piece some time to cool.

8)  Next, use a piece of Steel Wool Grade #0000 to sand and buff back the paint until some of the metal is revealed.  When working with steel wool you might want to wear a mask.  When sanding the steel wool creates a lot of tiny fibers.  

9)  To add the glitter apply a small amount of Beacon Adhesives©, Gem-Tac™ using a Mini Applicator Disposable Adhesive Brush.  If you don't have one of these applicators you can use a small paint brush.  Just be sure to wash the brush right away so the adhesive doesn't dry.  Then sprinkle on some Tonic Studios© NUVO® Pure Sheen Glitter, 720N Champagne.  Whenever I used glitter I use a coffee filter to catch the excess and then it can easily be funneled back into the container.

10)  Set aside to dry.  If you end up with too much glitter in a certain area wait for the adhesive to dry and then gently rub off the excess glitter with your fingers.

11)  Use a toothpick to apply the Beacon Adhesives©, Dazzle Tac Jewelry Glue™ and then add the ButterBeeScraps, SS16 Aquamarine Flat Back Crystals.  Set aside to dry.

12)  For the final step, mix a small amount of ICE Resin®.  Mix ICE Resin® according to the instructions. Then use a brush to apply a thin layer of resin. Be sure not to add resin on top of the crystals, but you can apply it around the edges to secure the crystals even more.  Set aside on a ICE Resin® Studio Sheet to harden and cure.  Approximately 6-8 hours.

If you like to create jewelry this is a really great project and it would make a wonderful gift--for yourself or a friend.  The leafy scroll design is so beautiful!

This aqua blue color is very on trend right now.  I love all of the sparkle from the glitter and crystals.

I hope you enjoyed the step-by-step tutorial.  Don't forget to check out all of the fabulous metal pieces and kits in the U-Paint Metal Crafts® online store.  If you are an Amazon shopper some of the metal kits are also available there.  
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Hugs & Smiles,

Are you interested in the products I used?  I have all of the supplies listed and linked below.  Compensated affiliate links are used when possible.  Products with an asterisk (*) were provided by a store or the manufacturer.
U-Paint Meatal Crafts = UPMC
ButterBeeScraps = BBS
Amazon = AZ
The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store = TSSRS
Tonic Studios = TS
Simon Says Stamp = SSS

Etsy = ET

*Acanthus Leaf Scroll Brass Deco - Trim U-Paint Metal Crafts® (UPMC), (AZ)
Tonic Studios©:  
*Tonic Studios© NUVO® Embellishment Mousse, 822N Pacific Teal (AZ)
*Tonic Studios© NUVO® Embellishment Mousse 807N Aquamarine (AZ)
*Tonic Studios© NUVO® Pure Sheen Glitter, 720N Champagne (AZ)
*Beacon Adhesives©, Gem-Tac™ (AZ)
*Beacon Adhesives©, Dazzle Tac Jewelry Glue™ (AZ)
*ICE Resin® (IR), (AZ)
*ICE Resin® Mixing Cup & Stir Stick (IR), (AZ)
*ICE Resin® Brushes (IR), (AZ)
*ICE Resin® Studio Sheets (IR), (AZ)
*ButterBeeScraps, SS16 Aquamarine Flat Back Crystals (BBS)
Krylon© White Matte Spray Paint (AZ)
Metal Snips (AZ)
Vintaj™ Filigree Shaping Pliers (AZ)
Metal Jewelry File (AZ)
Sponge (AZ)
Steel Wool Grade #0000 (AZ)
Coffee Filter (AZ)
Mini Applicator Disposable Adhesive Brush (AZ), (SSS)
Heat Tool (AZ)
Disposable Face Mask (AZ)
Toothpicks (AZ)


  1. this is just lovely love the blues :)

  2. Beautiful! I never would have thought of making a bracelet with these pieces!

  3. This bracelet is gorgeous Heidi! Wouldn't these done in the "brides" colors be wonderful gifts! WOW!

  4. its a great idea. I would love to wear the matt version of a similar bracelet


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