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Curating Christmas 2016-17 - "Share your heART" - Jill Norwood/Greenwood Girl Cards

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to share with you that I am participating in Curating Christmas 2016-17 - "Share your heART".  For the past few year Jill Norwood from Greenwood Girl Cards Blog has been doing Curating for Christmas.  Basically you take a space in your studio, craft room, table, or wherever your creative space is and create an area with all kinds of Christmas crafting goodies.  You can set it up however you would like.  You can add in finished projects, cards, things other people have gifted you and basically anything that will inspire you.  This is my first year doing this and I had a lot of fun creating my space.  I will say it has been very inspirational and I do find myself using a lot more supplies because they are all in one space.  If you aren't familiar with Jill Norwoood, I encourage you to check out her YouTube Channel and also her Blog.  Jill is one of the sweetest ladies and she is beyond talented!!  Every year Jill has a tradition.  She makes many beautiful Christmas tags that she share with her family and friends.  You can click HERE to visit Jill's YT channel and click HERE to visit her blog.  If you would like to see Jill's Curating Christmas video you can click HERE.  A good majority of the people who participate in Curating Christmas are Jill's subscribers and friends on YouTube and a lot of them have done video responses to share what they have done.  If you go on YT and type Curating Christmas 2016-2017 in the search bar it should pull up a whole bunch of videos for you to check out.  You can also type #curatingchristmas2016-2017.

Here is a overall look at my Curating Christmas space.  I had so much fun creating this space!  I don't have all of my Christmas stuff out just because I wouldn't have room for everything. Also, since I design for a few different companies I have all of those supplies in other areas. You can click on any of the images to enlarge them and see more details.

Here I have some wooden spools, jingle bells, flowers and some bottle brush trees.  I also have a wood box in the back that is filled with vintage salt and pepper shakers to create some snowmen.  You can also have a peek at a Christmas canvas that I just finished and it will be on the Tonic Studios Blog soon.

This is a little dish with some vintage buttons and a sweet little vintage ballerina. 

This is a little pine cone Christmas tree.

Here is a vintage muffin tin with some fun embellishments.

In this picture there is a little Christmas treat bag I created for Tonic Studios.  Then I have some tiny ornaments that I made using bottle brush trees, vintage spools and some vintage sheet music. I have a snowman figurine and another ballerina with some tiny faux peppermint candies made from melting perler beads. 

Here is a close up of one of the tiny bottle brush tree ornaments.

These are a couple of ornaments I made using vintage tart tin and more tiny bottle brush trees.

This is a Christmas tree made with a vintage wooden spool, strips of material, and ribbons.

In this picture I have some Christmas picks, glass glitter, a container with some washi tape, and a basket full of different kinds of snowflakes.  I also have some felt mitten ornaments that I made.

Here is a close up of the mail box.  My sweet friend Tammy gave me that last year and it was filled with all kinds of yummy goodies.  

These are some Christmas tags that I made last year and I have a few left.

This is a Christmas ornament that I made using ICE Resin and also lots of pearls and crystals from ButterBeeScraps.

Here I have a basket filled with ribbon, twine, flowers and a few other supplies.  The snowman wreath tag is something that my aunt Gail designed and gave to me last year.  It's so cute!  Then I have another basket with some of the Christmas cards I have made this year.

In this picture I have some felt ice skate ornaments and some punches.

Here I have a couple more punches, glitter and some felt poinsettia ornaments.

Here is my last picture with a close up of the Christmas tree.

Jill also asked if we had any Christmas traditions or fun stories to share.  Our family (extended family) started a newer tradition just a couple of years ago.  We decided instead of buying Christmas presents for each other would would take the money we would have spent on the presents and do something good with the money.  It was up to each of us--we could donate to a charity, buy presents for the angel tree, toys for tots, teddy bear toss, or maybe a buy food or presents for a family in need.  I think it's a wonderful tradition that we will carry on for many years to come.  It always feels good when you do good.

I hope you enjoyed all if the pictures and hearing about our family tradition.  I want to say a Huge Thank You to Jill for all of her inspiration throughout the year, her friendship and inspiring so many to do the Curating Christmas!!  Hugs to you my sweet friend!! 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

Hugs & Smiles,


  1. Heidi my dear friend - what a wonderful "Curating Christmas" blog post! I love all of the inspiring creations and crafty goodies you have shared with us especially the tiny bottle brush trees on the spools with the music paper! I love tiny things! So sweet! And such beautiful tags and ornaments too! And what a wonderful family tradition - giving to those in need! I truly feel spreading kindness is a gift to ourselves as it feeds our spirits and spreads love and joy! I love everything you have shared with us! Thanks for "Sharing your heART" with all of us at this wonderful time of year! I appreciate your taking part in Curating Christmas 2016-17!!!
    Blessings and hugs and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!

  2. i LOVE it all and your new Christmas tradition of giving is awesome!
    Merry Christmas.


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