Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Life Updates - Creative Work - My 1st ICE Resin Video! - DT Goodies

Hello blogging friends!  This is my first post for this week.  I am still trying to get back into the swing of things with creating.  I posted a few cards last week--if you missed them you can scroll down to see the other blog posts.  The cards I posted last week were some that I had actually made about a month ago.  One of my medications was increase so the pain is getting less and less and I am feeling better each day.  However due to the side effects I am very sleepy.  Since I have had RA for several years I am used to chronic pain but wow adding the Fibro on top of everything has been a whole new ball game.  I am just trying to stay positive and really appreciate the good days.  I was so happy on Saturday--it was the first day in 37 days that I didn't have to take any pain pills!  Unfortunately I think I over did it a bit and need the pain pills again on Sunday.  Right now I guess I just need to find a balance and not over do it on the good days.  I want to say thank you to everyone who has left sweet comments and kept my husband and myself in their prayers.  By the way he is doing great!!  :)  As for myself like I said I am trying to get back into the swing of things and try to get caught up with my creative work.  I have to say I feel very lucky to work for some Amazing companies---they have all been so great and understanding!!!  Anyways, I just wanted to give you a little update.  :)

Over the next week or so I will have several posts on my blog and Facebook (hopefully--fingers crossed) sharing some of my design work but also introducing you to several new designers that I am currently working with.  I started working with two new companies not long before all of the health issues started so I didn't get a chance to introduce you to all of the beautiful and talented designers from these two teams--Tonic Studios and ICE Resin.

Today, I am sharing my first video from ICE Resin.  It was actually posted on the ICE Resin Youtube channel and the ICE Resin blog about a week ago but just in case you missed it I wanted to share it here too.  I also have some pictures to share of some new DT goodies from ICE Resin/Ranger.  I have to say I am loving the NEW ICE Resin Tints!!  They are so fun to play with and I can't wait to show you some projects with the new tints.

If you would like to see a full step-by-step tutorial you can click HERE to visit the ICE Resin Blog.

Some of the goodies from ICE Resin/Ranger.  :)

Love, love, love the NEW ICE Resin Tints, Foils and check out the fabulous New ICE Resin Designer Accessory Bag!  Oh and the New Mixing Cups and Stir Sticks too!  You can wipe out the new cups with an alcohol or baby wipe and reuse them--gotta love that!

Amazing book--filled with SO much inspiration!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!  I hope you enjoy the video--this is my first in front of the camera video lol.  I can't wait to share more projects with all of you! 

Hugs & Smiles,


  1. I am so glad you are starting to feel better! Your project is wonderful and I am so jealous of that big box of goodies! LOL

  2. Prays for your feeling better and finding a balance in all you love to do and with your pain! I truly enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing your next posts!
    Great tutorial!

  3. Hope you feel stronger each day Heidi , This is all new to me , i must say it looks beautiful will watch the video later.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. I love your Ice Resin project; it's beautiful. I was excited to see the tints at CHA. As for your fibro, I've had it for over 20 years now and it is a learning curve. There are so many effects of fiber that go beyond just the inflammatory and ghost pains, so please make sure to read up on it. If I find the definitive website that I discovered several years into it that really delved into the various ailments and conditions that can flare up without you even thinking it's part of fiber, I'll be sure to pass it along. The biggest help for me overall was reducing the excess stress environments and mental/emotional stresses; those were the biggest triggers. And remembering to balance because you're so right, you think you feel great so you do what you're normally wanting to do and then bam! you're set back. I've been physically trying to totally reorganize, clean out, purge, etc., my studio and I hit a wall late this afternoon. I couldn't function any longer; most of my fibro trigger points went ballistic. you're in my prayers and sending good thoughts that you'll kick fiber back into its little cave. xo

  5. Hello Heidi,
    I'm so sorry about all the physical and mental anxieties you are going through. I'm sorry I did not keep up. My family and I are dealing with some stressors right now too, so I've only looked at emails a few times in these last two weeks. Take care, MAKE time to rest and throw out the things that do trigger your Fibro. Blessings!

  6. Totally understand yr sleeping side effect on medication. I have life saving meds that have the same effect. When I get a little down abt "sleeping my life away" my wonderful husband reminds me of the alternative... constantly scratching until bloody... because that is another side effect some people have on the same RX. Hmmm, hrs of scratching and misery, or sleeping. Ok, it does get me back to gratitude. I hope this helps you along with more prayers. 😊
    Really liked yr video recording ice resin!

  7. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Lena

  8. wow heidi, that see through affect is so beautiful I love it I wish I wasn't such scardy pants about trying it i guess the bread of messing up ughh. So glad to see you creating. When u are better it would be awesome to see you design something from beginning to end it video was great, in fact i wish I did more vids lol. Let the world see ur awesomeness. Much I hugs my sweet friend, Anna


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