Monday, April 14, 2008

Lots of Pictures with a little bit of Everything

Ok, where to start! It was a busy weekend & I have a lot to share with you!

This past weekend my cousin Lana got married!! They had a BEAUTIFUL wedding and I am so happy for Lana & Swanny (Jeff)!! Here are some pictures from the wedding and the dance.

Lana and her Dad, my uncle John~Who gives this woman~
I LOVE the back of her dress--it was Gorgeous!!The Vows~
This is the country church where I went when I was little. I have always loved the alter!
The First Dance~Father and Daughter Dance~It was a mix of emotions both happy and sad. I'm sure some of you remember me talking about baby Alex, Lana and Swanny are Alex's Mommy and Daddy and last June little Alex passed away. I know Lana and Swanny miss there little Angel Alex so much!! We all do!! My aunt, Lana's mom asked if I could paint something for out at the cemetery for Alex. She had a double heart with silk flowers and had a little saying she wanted painted on there. Here is a picture of what I painted.Lana and Swanny had no idea that I was doing this, it was a special surprise for them. I have to share this other little bit with you--After we got to the reception the maid of honor and the best man both talked and thanked everyone for coming. Amber who was Lana's maid of honor told us that she had been praying and praying that the sun would come out on Saturday, even if only for a little bit. It has been really cold here with a mix of rain and snow, but prayers were answered on Saturday afternoon!! Lana and Swanny wanted to go out to the cemetery to be with Alex just for a few minutes and as they were walking out there the sun came out and stayed out for about five minutes before going behind the clouds again. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place!! Alex was dancing with her Mommy and Daddy.

I also have some creative inspiration to share with you! I made two wedding cards for Lana and Swanny, one from us and one for my Mom and Dad to give them.

Here is the card that was from my Mom and Dad.~The heart shapes are Spellbinders Heart Nestabilities (scalloped and classic) and the flowers were done using the Flower Creations die. I love making three dimensional flowers!! I also used the Copic ABS and Sketch Markers for coloring all of the die cuts. The flowers started out as just plain white CS.

Here is a close up of the flowers.~
Here is the card that was from us.~To make the cake I used the Spellbinders Square Nestabilities. I also stamped a lace image on the squares using Brilliance-Moonlight White ink and added some pearl trim on the edges. For the topper I used a tiny piece of tulle and little loops of white satin ribbon along with three tiny flowers from the Flower Creations die. All of the stamps are from CTMH. For a little touch of bling I added some red stickles.

How many of you have a teenage son with longer hair? Do you wonder if they will ever cut it? I know I have thought that many times over the past few years!! Well Guess WHAT?? On Saturday totally out of tin air Dusty said he wanted a haircut!! I about fell over--REALLY!! He has had longer hair for about four years!! I didn't know if he would actually go through with it or not but he did!!

Before~ Ready, Set, CUT!!!
OMGosh LOOK at ALL that HAIR!!WOW LOOK at ME!!
Here's one more. I can't believe how much older he looks!! Now that's scary for a mom!!He loves the haircut and actually said he wished he would have listen to us and gotten a haircut a long time ago!! He must be growing up (a little) seeing as we are getting smarter. you know how the saying goes the older you get the smarter your parents become. *wink*

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! If you like the wedding card with the three dimensional flowers check back soon, I am going to do a tutorial on them.

I hope you have a Wonderful Week!!



  1. Wow, all I can say is wow! These cards are stunning. The flowers on the first one look so real, they are gorgeous. I love the cake on the other one. You are so creative and talented. You can just tell the hard work and attention to detail that you gave to both of these cards. I love how they go with the wedding colors too.

    Her dress was fabulous. I love when people use color on the dress, so different and pretty.

    Thanks so much for all the comments and tips for my acetate card. It's always nice to hear what other crafters have to say about certain techniques. I will definitely try it again. :)

  2. Wow, this cannot be the same boy! He looks rather dashing with the shorter hair! BTW, they never listen to parents -- some girl probably asked him to cut it!

  3. WOW -- where do I start. First off -- beautiful pictures from the wedding, thanks for sharing. Your creations are absolutely beautiful (as usual)!!! And your son, he is such a cutie!!!

  4. Wedding cake card is like WICKED AWESOME! as always! Dustin looks great with that haircut! Really draws his beautiful eyes out.

  5. That card is beautiful!

    What a big difference a hair cut makes? He looked great both ways (but we moms like it short ;-) )


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