Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spellbinders CHA-W Sneak Peak!! Xcalibur!!!

I am so excited to share the Latest News!! Spellbinders Paper Arts is going to ROCK the paper crafting industry at CHA-W!! I was given authorization to be able to share this with you today!

Let me introduce you to the first motorized die cutting and embossing machine, Xcalibur(tm)!
Spellbinders Paper Arts, continuing in their tradition of innovation, introduces the first motorized die cutting and embossing system. A touch of the button gently feeds and slowly releases mats for cutting and embossing. The mats used in Xcalibur will be the same mats currently used in the Wizard, Universal Craft Tool. Xcalibur will cut, emboss and texturize virtually every consumer die from leading manufacturers making it the universal system of choice. Xcalibur will revolutionize the die cutting world...

Please be assured that this is not a replacement for the Wizard. The machines can share the same mats, pads and dies but Xcalibur's main features are to cut and emboss. The Wizard, Universal Craft Tool, continues to provide many additional functions such as cutting chipboard, replicating charms and transferring images, just to name a few.

"Be the Ruler of your Creative Kingdom!!"

Does this sound exciting to you and don't you just love the color RED!! Spellbinders and all of us on the Design Team are very excited!! Spellbinders will be having more details on the website so be sure to check it out.
If you will be in Anaheim, California for the CHA-W show Feb 10-13 please be sure to be stop by the Spellbinders booth #5071 to check out this new machine!! The price of the Xcalibur will be announced at CHA-W and the machines will be available in May 2008. I will be in Anaheim for CHA-W and I would love it if you would stop by & say Hello!!! We will also be having demonstrations and make-n-takes!!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to get them answered for you.

I am sorry I haven't been able to post any new art for sometime, I have been very busy creating designs for CHA-W but I hope to share some new art soon!! Thanks so much for stopping by & I hope you are having a great week!! At the moment we are in the middle of a blizzard--gotta love a MN winter!!



  1. Oooooo. I must learn more. Thanks for the peak.

  2. Too cool! I hope you have fun at CHA! I would love to see a video of this in action!

  3. Oh this is so interesting. Thanks for this peak.

    Sister Sandy

  4. This looks awesome and sounds great! I'll be watching for it's official release! :)

  5. WOW! I WANT one!!! Sounds like a great tool to have...thanks for sharing.

  6. This machine looks fab, can't wait to see it in action


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