Sunday, April 22, 2007

Official Do Over!

Let's give this another try! I know I left one post and then life happened and I haven't been back--bad blogger! This is going to be a fresh start and I promise to try and post every couple of days. Let's see if I can remember everything my good friend Dana told me about blogs *wink*. If not I might have to make a phone call.

Eric and I just celebrated our five year anniversary. We have been together for eight years and married for five. I wonder where the time has gone... There have been so many changes in our lives the good and some not so good but always by far more good. The kids are getting older as are we. Dusty will soon be 14 and Evan is turning 5 this year! I can't believe it! One will be starting kindergarten and the other will be starting high school! Yikes!! Eric will be graduating in May. I am so proud of him!! He will be graduating with honors!! As for myself I am still having some medical issues but I always seem to stay busy with the family, friends and of coarse stamping. I am still doing Stampin' Up! and I am also doing classes here at our home. The weather is finally getting nice and I think spring is here to stay. Well I guess that will do for today, don't want to ramble on too much my first day back! lol!

Here is a card that I made for Eric for our Anniversary. His favorite color is blue so a lot of times I try to add some blue to his cards. All of the paper is SU. I love the Au Chocolat PP that is in the Spring Mini Catty!! You can use classic ink and a brayer to change the color of the vanilla. That's what I did on the part of the card that is blue.

Hope you all have a great day and I promise I will be posting more!!


  1. If you promise to be regular, I promise to check!
    Fan-tab-ulous card for Eric. He must have LOVEd it!

  2. I promise Dana!
    Thanks so much about the card!


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